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Madonna Essay -- Madonna Louise Ciccone

MadonnaMadonna was born on August 16, 1958, in the metropolis of Bay City, located inthe state of Michigan. Her real birth name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. However,most people know her as simply Madonna. She is known as a controversial singer,actress, dancer, songwriter, and became one of Americas biggest and well-known stars in the late 1980s.Madonnas assertive behavior, outspoken personality, and aggressive actsof sexuality, along with her great efforts to push back the borders of theacceptable, brought her tremendous commercial message success in America and abroad.She achieved the reputation as a forefront performer and entertainer. before Madonna began her superstar career, she attended school at theUniversity of Michigan. Before she even attended college, she was already welltalented in the field of dance. She was so good that she won a dance collegescholarship in amply school. This was the main reason she continued onto college.In the beginning of her college education, she e njoyed going to school on adaily basis. In addition, she enjoyed learning and meeting new friends.However, she began to compact bored with her college education and her stay incollege was brief. Within the next two years she dropped out of the Universityof Michigan and decided to pursue a career elsewhere. She knew that she preciousto either continue in the field of dance or somewhere in the music industry.She believed that she had greater opportunities in these careers in a large,diversified metropolitan city like New York City.Once in New York City, she joined a band and began writing musical notes,lyrics, and songs. This was the start of her music career. However, she tranquilize wanted to pursue her dance career. She always had two career objectives in mindand believed she would definitely achieve one or both of them.She joined Alvin Alley Theaters leash company group. She danced withthem for a short time period, however, she felt she could do better by focusingher main effor ts and ideas in the popular music and film industry.Her frontmost debut album was called Borderline. In addition to the albumshe also produced a short musical video to accompany the album. Her music andvideo were featured on MTV, a music television channel found on cable television.After heavy airplay of her music video on the MTV cable chann... ...dows and Fog,produced in 1992, and the film, A League of Their Own, produced in 1992, werealso part of her movie career. Her latest movie, Evita, in which she stars, wasgiven some praise in the box office, and is probably considered her best snipyet.Madonna is currently trying to gain more control of what is beingproduced about her. She has entered the management areas of film, record, andpublishing by creating her own company. At present, she is still working onnumerous projects. One of these projects included that of having a baby, whichshe just recently completed. One thing is for sure, whatever Madonna does, shestill makes front p age headlines. Furthermore, she is still producing videos,songs, movies, and books that appeal to people world wide. We will definitelycontinue to see a lot of her, and her work, in the near future.Works CitedKamins, Mark. Madonna, Madonna. New York, New York don Company, 1989.Leonard, Patrick. Im Breathless. New York Sire Company, 1993.Pettibone, Shep. Madonna, Erotica. Los Angeles, California Maveick Company,1993.Rodgers, Nile. Madonna, Like A Virgin. New York, New York Warner Brothers,1990.

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Vegetarian Ways Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Health Essays

Vegetarian WaysToday youve arrived here with questions. After you read this maybe youll have the answers? Whether youre already a vegetarian or if youre only curious about vegetarians I hope you find this informative and maybe influential. Ihope to open your minds enough that youll agree that we dont have to kill to exist. I hope to expose you to a lifestyle that doesnt promote violence or death. These be all the reasons you should need to convertyour lifestyle. Ive been a practicing vegetarian for 2 familys. A vegetarian is outlined as someone who avoids all animal flesh, including fish and poultry. Vegetarians can be sub categorized Those who avoid flesh but still indulge in animal products such ascheese, milk and eggs are referred to as ovo-lacto-vegetarians. People who reject all animal products are referred to as purevegetarians or vegans. Scientific interrogation shows that ovo-lacto-vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters and vegans arehealthier than both. Now Im going to present you with four reasons everyone should be a vegetarian. First the obvious ethical reasons, second the physiological reasons, triplet the health reasons and finally the most important reasons for our planet, the environmental impact of a meat based survivet. First the ethical reasons to become a vegetarian. The ethical reasons were the showtime to occur to me when I began considering becoming a vegetarian. Why should any creature lose its life to fill my stomach? Unfortunately most bulk dont tie in the meat on their plate as having had life at one time. In some countries people eat meat of monkeys, dogs. cats, and nevertheless other people which is disgusting to us. But its OK for us to kill cows, chickens, or fish cause they are different? At 20 weeks of age, 85 million pigs die for Americans to eat. Another 24 million die due to abuse before they reach slaughter age. Cows normally have a 25 year life span, but most only live to be 3-5 years old before dying to becom e hamburgers. More than 1 million calves a year are raised for veal. They spend a miserably short life of 16-18 weeks in a crate thats not big enough for them to even stand or move in. Not given any water or solid food, only deficient milk replacers, so they will hang in white and tender. Since only female chickens lay eggs over 280 million male chicks are thrown into plastic bags and piled on each other to d... ...onsumption of plain over 300 million pounds of meat are imported annually from Central and South America. This economic incentive leads to these nations destroying more forests to create more snip land. 55 square feet of tropical rainforest is destroyed to produce every quarter pound of rainforest beef. Each year over 1000 species are eliminated due to destruction of rainforests for grazing land. More than of all water used for all purposes in the U.S. is consumed in livestock production. It takes 25 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of wheat. It takes 5,000 gallon s of water to produce 1 pound of California beef. 33% of all raw materialsconsumed are devoted to livestock production, while only 2% are used for a vegetarian based diet. A few famous vegetarians Einstein, Plato, Newton, Ben Franklin, Ghandi, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley. All these people knew the answer to the question I began with. NO you do not have to kill to live. A vegetarian diet meets all the RDA, without the guilt of murder while preserving our environment. Isnt that easy? Wow. It takes so little to do so much. Quoting Ghandi, Why turn your body into a graveyard by devouring the flesh of other creatures?


THE EFFECT OF PEN HOLDING CONDITIONS ON THE HUMOUR RATING OF FUNNY CARTOONS ABSTRACT anterior question concerning the facial feedback hypothesis contends that manipulation of facial expression induces emotional arousal. The aim of the experiment was to determine whether holding a pen in the gumshield in way that resembles certain facial expression effect humour rating of cartoons rated by participants under one of three conditions. A sample of 60 nave second year students from Monash University was divided into the three treatment conditions to test the hypothesis. There were two separate hypotheses to be tested.Results were not statistically significant and utility(a) hypotheses were not supported however, results did indicate a trend supporting the notions of the hypotheses. Implications of this study show that there are trends to support the facial feedback hypothesis however, inconclusively. Future research should be undertaken to effectively ascertain the validity of the fa cial feedback hypothesis, an extension of the James Lange theory of emotion. The James Lange theory suggests that there are three stages related to the endure of an emotion. The first stage is the physiological response to the stimuli mediated by the autonomic nervous system and can include increased heart beat, sweat forming on the palms and similar symptoms. Following the physiological response is the emotional or cognitive aspect of genuinely realising the emotion which is then followed by the behavioural aspect which denotes what is actually done in response to the stimulus, for example running away. (Buck, 1980, p.811)The facial feedback hypothesis is an extension of the James Lange theory of emotion and contends that emotions are the result of physiological input signal rather than physiological reactions being the result of experienced emotions. According to the theory, feedback is taken from muscle activity in the body and is then interpreted by the mental capacity an d translated into the feeling of various emotions. For example, rather than a smile being elicited from a feeling of happiness, the facial feedback hypothesis suggests that it is the smile which has caused the feeling of happiness. (Dalton, 2000, p.60) In the knightly there has been research carried out to test the validity of the facial feedback hypothesis. Laird (1974, cited in Strack, Martin & Stepper. 198... ...tional responses. Consequently, it is important that further research be undertaken to replicate past research and purify the ability to generalize results to the given population. REFERENCESBuck, R. (1980). Nonverbal behavior and the theory of emotion The facial feedback hypothesis. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, 38, 811-824Izard, C. E. (1990). The Substrates and Functions of emotion Feelings William James and Current Emotion Theory. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 16, 626-635 Larsen, R. J. (1992). Facilitating the Furrowed Brow An Unobtrusiv e Test of the Facial Feedback Hypothesis Applied to Unpleasant Affect. Journal of cognition and emotion, 6, 321-338Strack, F., Martin, L., Stepper, S. (1988). Inhibiting and Facilitating Conditions of the Human grimace A Nonobtrusive Test of the Facial Feedback Hypothesis. Journal of personality and social psychology, 54, 768-777Dalton, T. (2000). The developmental roots of consciousness and emotional experience. Consciousness & Emotion, 1, 55-89Winton, W. (1986). The role of facial response in self-reports of emotion A critique of Laird. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, 50, 808-812

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Free Essays - Consequences of Passion in Othello :: Othello essays

Consequences of Passion in Othello   Being in like manner passionate about something or someone, can sometimes over ride ones good judgement. Too a great deal passion can bring about ever-lasting consequences and regrets. When put into a tense, specific situation, you usually wont make wise choices.  You wont stop and think, what is going on or what is the right thing to do but instead, we allow our emotions take over. For instance, in the play Othello, Othello is passionately in love with his wife and when he hears a disturbing rumor about her, instead of thinking over what he heard or if it is true, he let his jealousy take over his actions.   In Othello, Iago, Othellos dear truthful friend, wants to ruin Othellos life by plaguing his mind of depressing thoughts.  He plans to tell Othello that his wife, Desdemona, is have it awaying on him with his ex-lieutenant, Cassio. At least jealousy so strong that judgment cannot cure. (p. 79, Iago) Othello b eing passionately in love with Desdemona begins to believe the rumors he is told, and it breaks his heart. He is not only envious that his beloved wife would cheat on him with Cassio but that idea of her not loving him, troubled him the most. By heaven, thou echost me/ As if there were some monster in thy thought/ too hideous to be shown. ( W.S, 3.3 121) Othellos emotions begin to grow from jealously to anger.  He has never been heart broken before and now all his emotions of melancholy is running through with(predicate) his mind. How shall I murder him, Iago? (p. 171, 4.1) Already Othello had sunken in everything Iago had said. Not thinking straight and letting his emotions run untamed, he can only think of finale as a way to resolve everything. He soon pays for his jealousy rage by taking both his wife and his own life.   In addition, from the play, Iago seems to let his infatuation over seek his reasoning as well. Iago is one of Othellos respectable friends. When Othello, the General, had to pick a lieutenant, he chose Cassio. Iago was furious at Othellos decision. He wanted to be lieutenant with his dear Othello, but when hearing that he chose Cassio, Iago breaks out like a beast expressing all his fury and resentment.

Crime And Punishment Dream Ana Essay -- essays research papers

Dreams of Good and EvilDreams atomic number 18 windows into peoples sub moral sense and their true emotions and gives important clues to emotional disturbances. Sigmund Freud, the first someone to systematically study dreams, said that desires are revealed in the form of dreams. Freud said that dreams gratify those desires which that a person would never express while awake. Psychiatrists today endure to view dreams as attempts to solve problems rather than as the fulfillment of unconscious desires. Whatever dreams are, they gratify a physiological and psychological need of humans. In crime and Punishment, Raskolinov manifests guilt itself in a dream in which Ilya Petrovich mercilessly beats his landlady. This dream is a vision into Raskolinovs emotional disturbances and signifies resentment and fear.Raskolinovs dreams are continual conflicts between his dark and hateful mind and his conscience. His mind drives him to murder and inflates his ego to make him feel as an extraordin ary man. On the other hand, his conscience struggles to hinder these violent motives. Raskolinovs mind is at battle with itself in a conflict of morals and corruption that is manifested into the dream of the mare. Dostoevsky uses the dream as reason of Raskolinovs psychic illness. Raskolinov can be identified as all of the characters in his dream Mikolka, the jeering crowd, the beaten horse, and the innocent child. Raskolinovs confusion and obvio...

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Agriculture & Industry

Industry, in general, is taken to be categorized into three types, which are the agricultural industry, the commercial industry, and the manufacturing industry. The highlight of this paper focuses on the first of the three, which is the agricultural industry.More specifically, the impact of shifts and price elasticity of supply and demand, positive and negative externalities, wage inequality, and monetary and fiscal policies are investigated in order to make a holistic assessment of the level of success that the industry has achieved and the economic influences that has affected it in a negative way.The agriculture industry is among the three categories that deal with the acquisition of resources from contribute and water that provide the necessities in life (Jackson, 1841). Likewise, it serves as the source from which raw materials could be taken and are subsequently passed on to the manufacturing industry for processing (Jackson, 1841).It could be remembered that the manufacturin g industry is among the three industries that form an important part of the economy. It is considered to have an impact both in direct and indirect terms in achieving economic offshoot and the reasons behind this is two-fold (Faruqee, 1999).First, both the linkages in farm inputs, which includes equipment, fertilizers, and chemicals, and processing of food and fiber is considered as strong (Faruqee, 1999). Second, any increase in the income derived from the agriculture industry is excessively spent on locally-produced goods and services (Faruquee, 1999).An important economic aspect is that of the element of labor which is also present in this particular industry. It is important to take bloodline of this because of the important role it plays in the growth and success in achieving the intended purpose expected from the society.Labor, in this particular sector, is further categorized into three, which is composed of those whose assess involve the collection of the products from t he land and water, animal, vegetable, and mineral those who preserve, augment, and process these products and those who are associated with the production of agricultural tools and infrastructure (Jackson, 1841).Taking this into amity, the agricultural industry is affected in such a way that overproduction or underproduction in relation to the consumption of people have to be weighed carefully in order for the commodities to be sold at a competitive price in the market. Likewise, the following shifts in the curves would attend to in determining the market price for the produce.However, an important aspect, which is referred to as elasticity, should be tie in to this as there are important impacts that it has over the sense of balance price and meter in relation to the shifts in demand and supply curves.In situations where there is a shift in the demand for a good that has a greater value of elasticity in terms of supply, the change in equilibrium quantity is larger and the chan ge in equilibrium price is smaller (Lipsey & Harbury, 1992).On the other hand, the shift in the demand does not have impact on the equilibrium market price should the supply of the good being considered is perfectly elastic and there is no effect on equilibrium quantity should the supply be perfectly inelastic (Lipsey & Harbury, 1992).As for the supply curve, the shift in the supply leads to a larger change in the equilibrium quantity and a lower pointedness of change in the equilibrium price if the elasticity of demand is greater (Lipsey & Harbury, 1992).For goods with a perfectly elastic demand, the shift in supply has no be impact on the equilibrium market price and there is no effect for the equilibrium quantity if the demand for the good is perfectly inelastic (Lipsey & Harbury, 1992).The consideration of the shifts in both the supply and demand curve together with that of the elasticity in terms of supply and demand of the good is particularly of great help in making decisio ns in terms of the planning for the industry regarding the production of the goods and consumption especially in areas where there is hunger.

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Gamer: violent video games Essay

Everyone nowadays plays movie blues. From kids to adults, we all go through the phase of pic plump fors. or so are cutthroat others arent. So which ones are good for you and which arent? Well I believe that video games in general are just games. They do not harm anything or anyone. Violent video games do not cause violent behavior. Just because you go around shooting hoi polloi on a television doesnt mean your going to run around the street overcomeing people. This misconception is often misunderstood. Its just a game. Your sitting conterminous to your television pushing buttons on a controller.Lets say your playing a violent con endure game like Medal Of Honor. This game is based off of World War One and World War Two. Of course there is a lot of killing involved, but during a war isnt that what you expect? Besides the whole killing factor I personally believe that these kinds of games are benefitial. You get to name what weapons were using during that time period, you le arn key events, and most of all you get a historical background of the time period covered. To me this is a unique way of learning. The younger generation tend to play war-like games, which in my opinion is really good.Young kids like shooting and action, but what they dont know is that they are actually getting much(prenominal) than just that. They are learning what made the United States today. People often look past all those details and just argue that violent video games cause violent behavior, but I am at disbelief. Another reason why I think violent video games dont contribute to violent behavior is because there is actually no scientific proof. There is no proof out there that violent games cause violent behavior. So whats wrong with a little bit of machine gun action?Nothing. Nothing at all. In fact some studies surface that violent video games actually help with stress and help you relax. Lets say your coming home from work and you had a miserable day. Your boss made yo u maddened because he made you stay late. So you turn on your video game system when you get home ,and decide to shoot some people in the game to help you deal with your stupid boss. So instead of fighting your boss you get to take it out in the video game. It helps you take and get your feelings out in an unrealistic envirnment.Its just too much fun. Who wouldnt want to run around in a game and blow stuff up? I mean its not like I can just go down the street to the inject and ask if I could purchase an rpg. Violent video games dont affect people that way. Ask someone next time, what is the difference between a violent video game and a violent movie? There is none. Only difference is in a video game you have more control than a movie. More control is more fun, and more fun is always good. Just think about how many people just purchased the parvenu GTA 5.That game is probably the most violent game ever produced, and yet people are still staying sane. In my opinion, violent video games have postcode to contribute to violent behavior. Violent behavior is adopted from real violent experiences or encounters. If someone wants to go run down a street and kill someone they will. A video game does not determine that, and never will. We have plenty of pshycos in this world to worry about some video games. Let the people who want to play them. play them. Violent or not at the end of the day its just a game.

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Hello Kitty

HELLO KITTY Obsah Introduction3 1. how-do-you-do consortium4 1. 1 History4 1. 2 howdy kitty-cat in Japan5 2. Globalization topical anaestheticization6 3. Famous brands create for hello Kitty6 3. 1 Forever 21 (US)7 3. 2 Sephora (Francie)7 3. 3 Swarovski (Austria)8 3. 4 Vans (US)8 3. 5 Eva Air (Taiwan)9 Conclusion10 Bibliography11 append age I. howdy Kitty Story12 Appendix II. prime(prenominal) product with hullo Kitty motive 197413 Appendix III. how-dye-do Kitty Products14 Appendix IV. hi Kitty a celebrities19 Appendix V. hi Kitty products in magazines20 IntroductionLately I film been nonicing legion(predicate) articles in the shops machinerying a name hi Kitty with the typic oversized-head kitty image. To be quite honest until I started looking for information I did not know anything well-nigh this brand, where it is coming from, what is its main product, who is its targeted group, nothing. But it got my precaution because I have been spotting the Hello Ki tty image on so many different products and in such an amount that I started to step like it is ein truthwhere and I croupnot escape. This es speculate is about one Japanese brand, that was invented as a new Sandio? society design for coin purse that saturnine into a global brand, presenting her as a western sandwich brand and not carrying so a great deal about its origin. Introducing the company secret about such a popularity of Hello Kitty brand licensing. Starting by introducing the brand and verifying few details about its history, continuing by describing the Japanese market and round cultural differences. Naming few categories of products that are available in Hello Kitty design concentrating to a greater extent on chosen famous brands that decided to go away its good name, quality and prestige to this Japanese cartoon brand. . Hello Kitty The occasion for this name is expressed in this statement, made by Bill Hensley, marketing director of Sandrio? s company Gift-g iving is an important part of the Japanese culture. In Ja-pan, Hello communicates the idea of open communication. Thats why she was named Hello Kitty. Since Sandrio? s byword is Small gift, big smile it explains truly well the statement and the record? s name, as it is all about gifts and making other people adroit counterbalance with small things. (ICMR, 2007, online). 1. 1 History This Japanese brand Hello Kitty founded in 1974.When we look for more details about this brand, straight off very famous one, we quarter found out, that the company is not really associating Hello Kitty with its home Japan, but with England, where it was born. The official story behind this subject is as follows Hello Kitty was born on November 1st and she lives in London, England with her parents and her twin sister, Mimmy. They have a lots of friends at school with whom they share many adventures. Her hobbies include travelling, music, reading, eating yummy cookies her sister Mimmy bakes, and best of all making new friends.As Hello Kitty always says, you spate never have too many friends. (Sandrio. com, 2011, online). Hello Kitty is not, as many other characters (Mic depict Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Pikachu, etc. ) a cartoon figure. At appeared as mysterious cat, that nobody knew. The reason why she was created was that Sandrio the company that owns this brand, needed a new motive to use for their change purses. Back into 1970s Hello Kitty was passe-partoutly used on popular little merchandise toys and stationary like coin purses or pencil boxes and other small gifts targeted at small girls mainly at the age of 4 to 6.And in those days the prices were quite low so it would be affordable for most of the kids. (ICMR, 2007, online). . It was not Yuko Yamaguchi, who created Hello Kitty, but she invented the story of Kitty? s life and since then she has been responsible for this product, and very succeederful one have to say. She was also responsible to extend the brand to a wide variety of products clothes, accessories and even electronic goods. Yoko was very concerned about making the product up to date, so she was constantly asking customers what they want, what are their expectations from Hello Kitty etc.For type in mid 1980s company received a letter from a high school student, asking for products with Hello Kitty targeted at customers her age, so the company did so and changed positioning of the brand targeting on girls from about 5 age old to teenage. Sandrio soon realized that Hello Kitty is growing with her original customers, little girls, in 1970s who were teenagers in mid-nineties and adult women in 2000s but they still kept on buying Hello Kitty replete so nowadays the targeted group is said to be from 4 years old girls to women in their 30s. ICMR, 2007, online). Thank to voluntary endorsement by celebrities, as during nineties Hello Kitty became very popular in US, the brand develop into a demeanor symbol in early 2000s and tur ned into a indemnity brand. We can name few celebrities who were (maybe still are) big Hello Kitty fans Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Kate Perry, Lady Gaga and others like Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum, Carmen Elektra, Madonna etc. that posed for fashion magazines wearing Hello Kitty products. (See Appendix IV. ).At the present time Hello Kitty products can be found in many magazines recommending them as one of the thing the modern, cute and sexy girl or woman has to have (See Appendix V. ). 1. 2 Hello Kitty in Japan As it was said above, Hello Kitty started as a brand in 1970s targeted at little girls. But they grown and in 1980s and 1990s they turn into teenage girls who mostly stayed faithful to their childhood toy. The company realized that and changed the positioning of the brand on teenagers, found a Hello Kitty a boyfriend called Daniel and helped its brand to be even more popular by focusing on a superr group of customers.As a result, nowadays is Hello Kitty loved and adore d by girls age of approximately five to women in their thirties. Even though a significant number of Hello Kitty fans are male it is still considered as a female brand in Japan. (ICMR, 2007, online). The huge popularity that is Hello Kitty receiving in Japan can be explained by many factors very. First of all, Japanese women love cute things and Hello Kitty is said to be a cutie queen. It is her sweet, cute, friendly and artlessness appearance in the Japanese female customers represented by its big head, small black-dot eyes, yellow nose, red or pink ribbon and no mouth.The dormant expression in Hello Kitty? s face is actually big advantage of this character as every single person can give her the motions they feel like sad, happy, positionful, angry, etc. , so it will be the way they need. (Wai-Ming Ng, 2011, online). Since Sandrio gave to its character Hello Kitty a London identity, it is considered as a western brand in Japan. So being a Japanese brand, it has, funnily enoug h an exotic appeal in Japan. It actually represents a westbound or dreamlike manhood and that is way, Hello Kitty is not very wish in local characteristic ways for example Hello Kitty garbed up in Kimono.The popularity of this brand is supported by the fact that mostly anything can be found with Hello Kitty motive on it. We talking about products starting from office & school stuff (pens, pencils, sell tapes, stickers, etc), clothes, shoes, kitchen & bathroom things, electronics, as well as wedding stuff (dresses, rings, invitations) or as famous brands? collection Sephora for Hello Kitty, Swarovski Hello Kitty collection, Hello Kitty MasterCard, Forever 21 fastion collection and much more (see Appendix III. ).Only in Japan are about 90 companies possess a Sandrio? s licence allowing them to use Hello Kitty design on their products. Just a little comparison with Singapore? s customers as even though it is an Asian country and not that far from Japan, many attitudes and believes are completely different. In Singapore is Hello Kitty considered as a Japanese brand, not as a western or English one as it is in Japan. So it does not look any exotic to them. Asian versions of Hello Kitty in traditional costumes and so are very popular here, which we cannot say about Japan.And last difference between these two countries is that very little variety of Hello Kitty products are imported into Singapore. (Wai-Ming Ng, 2011, online). 2. Globalization localization American cartoons like Donald Duck or Mickey mouse can be considered as one of the tools to spread American ideology all over the world, we cannot say the same about Hello Kitty and propagate Japanese culture. First of all the company wanted Hello Kitty to be a western brand, so they created a life story about the character coming from London.As it was mentioned, Japanese customers prefer the western Hello Kitty, but it does not rally Americans to promote Asian series in US. So surely Hello Kitty is a globa l brand available all over the world but with local differences to suit the particular needs. This fact we can illustrate on another Sandrio? s move in order to be liked by more customers, by making a special blue Hello Kitty collection in the US to make look Hello Kitty less childish. (Wai-Ming Ng, 2011, online). 3. Famous brands create for Hello Kitty In 1976, Sanrio started licensing the Hello Kitty image to many different companies for use on their merchandise.The Hello Kitty brand success, and other character brands too, made Sandrio one of the leading companies in this area. But Hello Kitty has become a global licensing phenomenon as nowadays it is possible to buy almost everything with Hello Kitty design. The only exceptions, that were not permitted from Sandrio to use Hallo Kitty images from Sandrio are producers of guns, cigarettes and alcohol. (ICMR, 2007, online). But it is possible to get Hello Kitty wine, so I am not really sure, what they consider as alcohol. In Append ix III. re examples of some products that are available in Hello Kitty design. As the most unexpected things to find decorated whit Hello Kitty motives, in my opinion, are vegetable peeler, hair drier, cascade curtain, frying pan, chopping board, kitchen sponge, iron, sewing machine, wedding dress/rings, car, wine, sleeping bag, shoes and adult stuff vibrator or condoms. Now I would like to present few companies that success of Hello Kitty impressed so much and saw such a potential in this brand that asked for a endorse and produced many products nether their names, giving them the quality and prestige.As well as I want to demonstrate of the international act as none of the companies are Japanese so it helps give the brand the global appearance. 3. 1 Forever 21 (US) It all started in 1984 as a 900 square ft. Shop in Los Angeles, originally named as Fashion 21. Now quickly growing clothing design and accessories producer at affordable price having 120 locations in 25 states. This c ompany targeting at teenagers and young people in their 20s decided to entice more customers by buying a Sandrio? s license to use Hello Kitty motives.In November 2011 Forever 21 introduced New Hello Kitty Exclusive collection containing items like T-shits, bags, socks, tights, sweaters, raincoats etc. With the new collection Forever 21 organized for their customers and Hello Kitty fans a party in US on 18th November to celebrate the new collection. (Forever21. com, 2011, online). 3. 2 Sephora (Francie) This company was founded in 1970 in France and now, forty years later is leading chain of perfume and cosmetics in France and selling in another 24 countries. In July 2011 Sephora introduced Hello Kitty Graffity Collection.Limited edition of cosmetics and accessories including suitcase, traverse set, eye shadows, compact mirror and perfume. In November 2011 new collection was introduced by Sephora Hello Kitty Noir collection. It symbolize cinematic Hollywood romance. This limited ed ition is much richer in the number of offered items then the previous one presenting eye shadows, perfumes, powders, held and compact mirrors, make up bags, brushes, combs and apprehend polishes. (Sanrio blog, 2011, online), (Sephora, 2011, online). When looking at Sephora? webside, it looks like that the company is very please to co-operate with Sandrio Shes iconic. Shes adored. Shes known around the world. Now, Hello Kitty is bringing her playful spirit to a new beauty line presented exclusively at Sephora. This sophisticate collection mixes the essence of Hello Kitty with a touch of style and fun. With charming designs and luxurious formulas infused with ingredients she loves, Hello Kitty Beauty is the ultimate must-have. Hello Kitty. Hello Pretty. (Sephora, 2011, online). 3. 3 Swarovski (Austria)An Austrian company, in these days very successful and known worldwide, founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski. Celebrating over 100 years on the market Swarovski could be spotted in Jam es Bond movies, wore by celebrities or seen in popular music videos lately Swarovski used product placement in Jennifer Lopez tenor called On the Floor which was seen over 445 million times on youtube. com, so the fame of this brand is undisputed. In July 2011 Swarovski launched the first Hello Kitty Collection including necklaces, rings, earrings, glass statues, handbags, key chains etc.For Hello Kitty fans there is a Limited Edition also available offering only 88 pieces worldwide to go over its exclusivity. 3. 4 Vans (US) Earlier on this year (March, 2011) was announced that Sanrio teamed up with famous Californian shoe producer Vans, founded in 1966, to create a new Hello Kitty shoe collection for its fans. Vans used Hello Kitty design on several kinds of their footwear Slip-on, Authentic and Sk8-Hi offering different types and sizes for Toodlers/Infants, Kids and Adults both women and men. (Sanrio blog, 2011, online). On the official Vans. om website there is a promotion video to be found out about how the Vans Hello Kitty story started. There is a coming upon recorded where Hello Kitty chose the design she wanted, but there is no representative of Sandrio? s company but actually a person dressed up as Hello Kitty so she is kind of alive. And as it is said in the promotion spot as well, it might not be the last time when Vans Hello Kitty comes together. (Vans. com, 2011, online). 3. 5 Eva Air (Taiwan) Eva Airways Corporation is second largest airline in Taiwan founded in 1989. In 2005 the company decided to buy a Sanrio? license to use Hello Kitty motives and dedicated one of their planes completely to this cartoon. By word completely it means everything you can think of while flying in plane. Apart from huge pictures on the Airbus itself everything changed boarding passes, flight crew uniforms, food and its packaging, seats design, tissues, sick bags, entertaining arrangement program on aboard TV etc. As crazy as it sounds it was a huge succe ss for the company was booked more than 90% on average. (Salman, 2011, online). Conclusion Hello Kitty is a cute little kitty with oversized head and ribbon over her right ear.Even thought it was not successful from the right beginning and had ups and down during its 30 years history, it is now very famous worldwide known Japanese brand. I am sure that most of the people do not know that the owner of this brand Sanrio created a story for this character to be coming from London, where its family lives as well. They did not want to associate the brand with its home Japan. Nowadays we can find Hello Kitty products everywhere and this is thanks to Sanrio? s marketing policy, selling the license allowing the owner to use Hello Kitty motives on their products. It is actually very good as it has many advantages.Licensing other companies to use Hello Kitty character on their product helps Sanrio to spread its brand all over the world by not investing a penny, actually getting very large amount of money for the license. Secondly, the licensed companies are well chosen so they do not undermine Hello Kitty image, the other way around, they actually add more value because they invest their name, prestige and quality. Thirdly, the fact that it is possible to buy mostly anything with Hello Kitty character it encourage its fans to buy more and more in order to be surrounded by this little cutie they love so much.Since Sanrio co-operate with companies all over the word, it gives Hello Kitty really multicultural look Eva Air (Taiwan), Vans (US), Swarovski (Austria), Sephora (France), Samsung (Korea) etc. And obviously there are cultural differences between states where is Hello Kitty sold, which is being considered in the selling strategy and cooperating with local companies like Swarovski in Austria helps to get local people as well as Swarovski customers all over the world.The only thing which I am unhinged about is, that one fine day, there will be too much of Hello K itty everywhere and all the success, madness and obsession about this brand will turn into disaster presented by hate and disgust. Bibliography Forever21. com online. 2011 cit. 2011-12-09. History Facts. Dostupne z WWW http//www. forever21. com/Company/history. aspx? br=f21. SALMAN, Maya. Scribd. com online. 2011 cit. 2011-12-08. Hello Kitty The Iconing Japanese brand. Dostupne zWWW http//www. scribd. com/doc/49138163/Hello-Kitty.Sanrio. Sanrio. com online. 2011 cit. 2011-12-08. Hello Kitty. Dostupne z WWW http//www. sanrio. com/characters/HelloKitty/? chr=HelloKitty. Sanrio. Sanrio. com online. 2011 cit. 2011-12-08. Hello Kitty Blog. Dostupne zWWW http//www. sanrio. com/hellokittyblog/. Sephora. Sephora. com online. 2011 cit. 2011-12-08. Hello Kitty. Dostupne zWWW http//www. sephora. com/browse/brand_hierarchy. jhtml? brandId=5988. Shop. vans. com online. 2011 cit. 2011-12-09. Collections Hello Kitty. Dostupne z WWW http//shop. vans. om/catalog/Vans/en_US/category/collections/hel lo-kitty. html. The Icfai Center for Management Research (ICMR). Scribd. com online. 2007 cit. 2011-12-08. Hello Kitty Japanese Superbrand. Dostupne z WWW http//www. scribd. com/doc/19584011/Case-Study-Hello-Kitty. WAI-MING NG, Benjamin. Scribd. com online. 2011 cit. 2011-12-08. The Hello Kitty Craze in SingaporeA Cultural and Comparative Analysis. Dostupne z WWW http//www. scribd. com/doc/46952018/Hello-Kitty-Asian-Profile. Appendix I. Hello Kitty Story (Source http//www. sanrio. om/characters/HelloKitty/? chr=HelloKitty) Appendix II. First product with Hello Kitty motive 1974 (Source http//houseofkittyblog. com/) Appendix III. Hello Kitty Products 1. Bathroom Hair drier, towel, shampoo, hand cream, mirror, shower curtain, tooth brush, make-up removal cream, sunbathing cream, manicure, bath cap, nail file, cotton swabs, soap holder, dental floss, soap, 2. Kitchen Chopping board, kitchen sponge, pan, kettle, kitchen cloth, pots, water battle, vegetable peeler, bowls, plates, le mon juicer, oven mitt, kitchen paper towels, sandwich maker, . Room Bed sheets, drawers, alarm, shoe cabinet, lamp shade, 4. Electro Headphones, keyboard, computer mouse, CD, DVD, cover for monitor and keyboard, nimble 5. Household Doormat, clearing mop, iron, ironing board, air freshener, sewing machine, 6. Wedding Wedding invitations, rings, wedding dresses, wedding glasses, 7. Car Mitsubishi 8. Car accessories Seat belts covers, window sunshade, in car sign, car seat barrier, air freshener, tissues holder, rearview mirror, steering wheel cover, 9. Other stuffContact case, jewel case, dog leash, sleeping bag, mobile charm, weighing scale, beach stuff, pie-eyed tissues, fondue, 10. Obleceni Underwear, T-shirts, pyjamas, 11. Accessories Watch, necklace, badges, earrings, bracelets,.. 12. Shoes 13. Babies Bib, bottles, babies dummy, baby carriage, car inside sticker, 14. Bags luggage Luggage, bags, handbags, purse, 15. School office Calendars, diaries, pens, pencils, pencil shar pener, scissors, sell tape, highlighters, schedule books, file folders, clip boards, stamps, water color pens, oil pastel, calculator, paper clips, 6. Toys Soft toys, playing cards, trampoline toys, plastic purse toy, robot, board games 17. Happy meal? s toys (McDonald? s) 20. Swarovski Glass figures, card holders, bag charms, pens, earrings, rings, necklaces, 19. Aduls? stuff Vibrators, condoms, Appendix IV. Hello Kitty a celebrities (Course http//www. sanrio. com/hellokittyblog/) Lady Gaga Ben Affleck? daughter Adam Sandler? s children Heidy Klum? s daughterAvril Lavigne Megan Fox

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Comparison of Themes: Exercise of Free Will Essay

The stories of Odyssey and Alchemist were brought into existence in two different periods of time and place however, at that place are significant similarities that could be seen from the stories, in which one of these is the expression of the unbosom allow of the two main characters. In the story, both Odysseus and Alchemist were placed in a difficult situation that compelled them to act based on their philosophical view that guided them through the course of their journey. Free will produces determination.The best expression of free will is being unwavering in his decision. In the stories, Odysseus and Santiago went into a journey for the dream they most desired to achieve. At first, Odysseus had to be deceptive not to reveal his true identity in order to restore his kingdom and family while Santiago had to experience being swindled during his journey to get his treasure. Free will is a manifestation of beliefs. The strategies made by the two characters are contradicting in view s yet revealing their true conviction.As a warrior himself, Odysseus knew a lot of tactic to oust his enemy thus, by hiding his identity, he was able to overthrow the suitors in the palace. While Santiago passively accepted his ordeal for he knows in that way, he could get what he desired most. Free will molds characters. The best decision is in most cases undergoes difficult process that molds character. Odysseus and Santiago had learned effort and courage, which brought them success in their endeavor.Indeed, the most desirable means to get something in life is exercising free will that manifests true self and conviction. However, the result whitethorn be desirable or undesirable but all depends on ones philosophy in life. Decision making therefore requires vigilant planning founded on ones belief and value system. Reference The Alchemist Summary/Plot Review. LitSum. http//litsum. com/alchemist/ The Odyssey Themes, Motifs and Symbol. SparkNotes. http//www. sparknotes. com/lit/od yssey/themes. html

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Heart of Darkness / Apocalypse Now: An Analysis Essay

The novel Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, published in 1902, is ab let on the fiction of a man named Marlow, a steamship captain whose character is based on Conrads own experience. The story is told from Marlows perspective in a narrative. Marlow describes describes one particular journey he took on an African river as part of an assignment by his company to take charge of a hie stuck in the interior. In addition to his regular task of transporting ivory, Marlow has orders to bring covering Kurtz, a man considered a legend in his company.Along the journey, Marlow makes his way through with(predicate) the jungle, witnessing the how whites exploit the natives even to the point of oppressing them in their quest for power and profit (Conrad 155 Galloway Grant 215). Upon reaching Kurtzs compound in a external outpost, he is appalled to see a row of human heads mounted on poles. Marlow later realized that Kurtz has freed himself from the bounds of civilization, trading his soul fo r power resulting in him running his own fiefdom in the interior.But he paid a price for it in losing his humanity as he led the natives under him in raids along the adjoin areas to collect ivory and these raids are brutal as evidenced by the displayed heads (Conrad 160). It is also discovered that Kurtz is dying of an illness as Marlow took him back to civilization. On the way back, the dying Kurtz gives to Marlow a bold declamation of his deeds as a quest driven by visions he sees, at some point, the smell in Kurtz slowly ebbed and his dying words were, The horrorThe horror which underscores the despair at the encounter with human depravitythe heart of darkness (Conrad 192 Galloway). Seguing more than 70 years later, Francis Ford Coppola wrote, produced and directed the film Apocalypse Now in 1979. The story of the film is loosely based on Conrads novel. Using esthetical license, Coppola set the story in Vietnam at the height of the conflict there instead of the Congo.Coincide ntally, the main antagonist of the film is also named Kurtz (played by Marlon Brando). Instead of Marlow, the otherwise protagonist is Captain Willard (played by Martin Sheen), a special operations officer who has been having difficulty adjusting to a tranquil atmosphere as his body craves for action as shown in the scene where he is having withdrawal symptoms from being away in combat for quite some time. Likle Marlow, Willard is the one who narrates the story (Coppola Galloway Kinder 14).A new commission galvanized him into action as he is ordered by his superiors to kill Kurtz who is believed to imbibe gone insane and like Conraads Kurtz, has created his private fiefdom in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle where he has apparently gone rogue, all the more reason why Willard is ordered to kill him (Coppola). Instead of commanding a steamship, Willard traveled on a riverine gunboat run by an eccentric crew and instead of seeing ivory traders attacking villages, his eyes feasted on the sight of an Air Cavalry control run by a Colonel Kilgore (played by Robert Duvall) whose disposition resembled that of General George S.Patton with a passion for combat when he uttered, I love the smell of napalm in the dayspring (Coppola) as well as a passion for surfing. Like Conrads Marlow, Willard came upon Kurtzs fiefdom and sees why the brass in Saigon wanted Kurtz dead. Willard is captured but has managed to escape and fatten the mission by kill Kurtz at his vulnerable moment making a recording. As Kurtz lay dying, his dying words are similar to Conrads Kurtz as he uttered, the horror the horror as well (Coppola Galloway Kinder 15, 18).In analyzing some(prenominal) stories, there is a parallelism that exists in terms of theme. Looking at it from the political perspective, both stories underscore the evil of imperialism. In The Heart of Darkness, Africa is responsible for mental disintegration as well as for physical illness of Mr. Kurtz sequence Vietnam does th e same thing for Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. It would appear that both Kurtzes have been in the service of their masters. Both men have been its servants and at the same time, its victims (Galloway). Mr.Kurtz has been conisdered a legendary man of the company for his ability to deliver the goods ivory, a very valuable commodity among white traders in Africa. But in the course of carrying out his duties, it requires him to conduct raids on surrounding villages which entails killing people in the name of profit. As for Col. Kurtz, his mission as a Special Forces officer is to organize the autochthonous tribes of Vietnam, the Montagnards into a paramilitary force intended to act as a deterent against marauding Vietcong guerillas but like Conrads Mr.Kurtz, his ragtag army also move atrocities, only it is in the name of fighting communism and upholding democracy as his superiors would tell him (Coppola Kinder 13, 15). It is in the service of their masters that drove these two men into madness. It is a madness not necessarily bordering on insanity or craziness, but it is the kind that caused them to detach themselves from this cruel and maddening reality and create their own mankind to escape it with their own norms to follow to the point of megalomania.Both Conrad and Coppola used this device to elicit sympathy on the part of the audience as well as reflect on the human nature and experience they have gone through which could happen to anyone (Grant 215 Kinder 13, 18 Galloway). By way of clarification, Conrad and Coppolas Kurtz are not inherently evil. Both men have started out as the ideal of the company they serve. What drove them to the proverbial dark side is that obsession (for lack of a better word) in carrying out their mission.Their duties have somehow made them jaded and desensitized as they realized that what they are doing appear to violate morality when their duty entails killing people for profit and politics respectively. Thus it has become c lear for both Marlow and Willard why their Kurtz need to be taken care of. Both men have been corrupted to the point of madness that they are out of control and they have to be dealt with lest they cause more damage and turn against their own masters (Galloway, Kinder 19). In conclusion, both William Conrad and Francis Coppola showed through their works the dark side of the individual when pushed to the limit.While one may be appalled by the horrors depicted in both stories, both Conrad and Coppola has managed to somehow make the audience sympathetic towards the two Kurtzes rather than loathe them entirely for they used to be human and it is not their own good luck why they have gone off the deep end. What Conrad and Coppola are doing is that they helped guide the audience on who is responsible for the madness that has befallen the two Kurtzes who could have been destined for greater things instead of the tragic fate that befell them. The bottom line is man is not inherently evil b ut they can be seduced into it by the circumstances surrounding them.

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Historical Figurs of Nursing

Historical Figures of Nursing Whenever population mention or think of the history of nursing or nursing breeding umteen instantly think of Florence Nightingale or Clara Barton. Granted, Florence deserves credit for the advancements she do in nursing, but nursing goes back further than Florence Nightingale. One nurse, that little is known astir(predicate) is pile Derham. James was born into slavery in approximately 1762, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. James was known to be owned by three different individuals, all in all of whom were doctors, one in Philadelphia, a British army surgeon, and a New Orleans physician (Hansen, A. 002). In the 18th century it was common for nursing education to be obtained through an apprenticeship, which is exactly how Derham became a nurse, assisting all three of his masters and learning from them. One of his masters, Dr. Robert Dove of New Orleans, encour maturated Derhams interest in medicine. James worked as a nurse and purchased his freedom in 1783 (Wikipedia). After purchasing his freedom, Dr. Derham opened a medical exam practice in New Orleans, by age 26 his annual earrings exceeded $3,000. 00 (Cobb, W. 1963). Dr.James Derham is the first African-American to formally practice medicine in the United States, although he never received a medical degree (Nursetini, 2009). Dr. Derham was known to speak English, French and Spanish. Dr. Derham returned to Philadelphia where he specialized in throat diseases and diseases related to climate (Wikipedia). Dr. Benjamin Rush, the father of American medicine, spoke with Dr. Derham and had the pastime to say I have conversed with him upon most of the acute and epidemic diseases of the country where he lives. I expected to have suggested some new medicines to him, but he suggested many more to me.He is very modest and engaging in his manners. He speaks French fluently, and has some knowledge of Spanish (Bennett, L. 1970). Derham disappeared around 1802, fate uncharted (Nursetini). In 1960 New Orleans complete the James Derham Middle School (now Junior High School) in his honor (Nursetini). Dr. James Derham demonstrated through his trueness to his profession what individuals can achieve with hard work. He overcame several barriers during his career, such as slavery and inadequacy of a formal education, to find recognized as a professional who contributed to healthcare and the treatment of patients.Another individual who has contributed significantly to the advancement of nursing is Margaret Sanger, birth control pioneer (Wardell, D). Margaret was born in 1879 in Corning, N. Y. , one of eleven children of Irish immigrants. Margarets mother had 18 pregnancies, becoming weaker and sicker with each one, dying in her 40s. Margarets goal was to become a doctor and to help individuals like her mother. Unfortunately there wasnt any money for Margaret to go to medical school, but two of her siss supported her education finically to become a nurse.Margaret was an OB Nurse working mostly in the East-Side/Lower East Side of New York City where she frequently received calls to help and execute to lower income women following self-induced stillbirths. The tragic case of Sadie Sachs is a well-known moment in the Sanger saga. As Sanger herself saw it, the Sachs case marked the turning point of her manners and the beginning of the U. S. birth control movement (Wardell, D. 1980). Sadie Sachs was a 28 year old woman, mother of three children who called out for help following a self-induced abortion and had blood poisoning.Margaret stayed by Sadies bedside for three weeks, nonstop, until the crisis was over and Margarets 24/7 care was no longer needed. Margaret was present, when Sadie asked the physician caring for her, how to prevent another(prenominal) pregnancy. The physician told Sadie to have her husband sleep on the roof. Three months later, Margaret was called again to Sadies home, for the same reason. Ten minutes after Margarets arrival Sa die died. Margaret made her decision It was the dawn of a new day in my lifeI knew I could not go back merely to keeping people alive (Wardell, D. 980). Margaret Sanger dedicate her career to educating women on birth control and contraception prevention. Sanger had significant barriers to overcome, including governmental law, which cited birth control information to be a crime, and lack of physician education on birth control and physician willingness to learn about birth control and their unwillingness to challenge the law. Margaret remained dedicated to her commitment and established the first U. S. birth control clinic in 1916 in Brooklyn, N. Y. , which was staffed by Sanger and her sister, both nurses.The clinic was illegal and was raided by the NY city police. Margaret and her sister were arrested, Margaret served her time in prison, and Margarets sister served her time in a workhouse. Sanger eventually hired a physician, Dr. Hannah Stone, to staff her clinic and direct the ne w Clinical Research Bureau. Dr. Stone quickly became respected by her peers for her competent care and eloquent statics (Wardell, D. 1980). Again the clinic was raided, during the raid the police confiscated patient charts and private patient information, and this action finally got the attention, dissatisfaction and support of physicians.A key to Margarets continued success with the clinic was her marriage to J. Noah Slee, who was the president of Three-in-One anele Company. Slee not only supported Sanger finically, but shipped diaphragms from Germany to his Canadian factory and then smuggled the diaphragms into the U. S, in Three-in-One Oil boxes. Margaret published pamphlets and gave lectures on birth control throughout her career while trying to establish her clinic, all to educate women and to help prevent unwanted pregnancies, allowing women to project wise health decisions for them.Margaret Sangers clinics remain in existence today, Planned Parenthood. Margaret took a pers onal experience of what she saw in the care of her patient and dedicated her lifes work to educating patients, helping them to make safe health decisions and safe health practices, not seeking back alley care or help. Margaret was instrumental in developing the practices and availability of services that the majority of women in the U. S. take for granted currently.

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Subculture Groups

Its hard to choose just one subculture that I belong to. I am a working bewilder, student and a wife. But if I had to classify just one, I would put myself into the niggle category. organism a mother is a hard job, and cant be taken lightly. Its a twenty four hour, seven day a week job and is something I would non change for the world. We are commonly c wholeed the heroes for being there to take care of the sick, sad or angry child. The cabriolet driver, because as everyone knows, we are always there to give rides back and forth to whatever activity our kids need.There is also the punisher. If you a mother, you know all about that one, the person who always has to punish because the dad is the majority of the time, the easy going one There are so many names for our group, and of course, we are the lucky ones of all the groups, because of all the learning, patience and under themeing we all gain. Regardless of your background, all mothers would agree that the perception of being a mother thrives on being the best mother you can be to the best of your ability.All mothers share the same values, and that is raising a happy, healthy smart child. Even though at times its tough, and you just ask to scream, teaching your kids, feeling the love from your child and nurturing them is what every mother lives off of. As a mother, I have learned that many things. The relationship that I have with my son has taught me under acquiting. I watch him set out, and realize that all the hard times that Ive dealt with, and all the pain Ive gone through, is all deserving it.Even though my social life has dwindled, and I barely have time for myself, I find that Many men think that being a mother is an easy job, and some always want to know why we are always so tired (or maybe its just my husband). If you are not part of this group, there is no way to understand the feelings, heartache, and worry that constantly stay on our minds. This subculture that Ive been apart for the last five years has helped me grow and realize that Im not alone.Im so lucky to be a part of this group, and I wouldnt change it for the world. I stand beside a great group of women, who to me are my heroes. The last five years with my little man have taught me a lot. Ive learned patience, understanding, and how to love. Im proud to be a part of this group, and am glad that I always have someone who understands what I go through each day. Mothers stand out in a crowd, and are the toughest women out there

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Financial Analysis and Forecast of Sweet Dreams Inc Essay

new Dream Incorporated (SDI) is a manufacturing alliance focused on mattress and nook spring production for large retailers and hotel chains. With two facilities at their disposal, SDI manufactures over 20 diametric styles of bedding for their consumers. SDIs founder and president, Douglas May, has contacted our consulting firm with regards to current monetary problems between himself and SDIs assert, First International Bank. Due to the build up in assert failures in the early 1990s First National has become extremely highly culture medium to problem brings (loans which show ratio performances infra the industry standard). Unfortunately, SDI has had poor runniness and debt ratios for the past three historic period which has caught the banks attention. After a ph whiz call from the bank Doug has realized that SDI is in even worse anguish than the bank thinks. He has just signed a 9.5 one thousand thousand dollar contract to expand the line of products which was allege dly being loaned from the bank.Seeing as how the bank is debating closing Doug down it doesnt look presum fitting that they would want to front him a nonher 9.5 million. Following a brief meeting with his senior managers, Doug and his team contumacious that this 9.5 million dollar loan from the bank is the precisely way to obtain their business alive. They have discrete to reverse their current policy of aggressive price drops and easy ascribe, reduce their administrative, selling and miscellaneous expenses, non acquire any new fixed assets or sell common stock, decrease accounts buckle underable, stop nonrecreational dividends, and freeze executive salaries. All this is an attempt to prove to the bank that sassy Dreams Inc. is taking their financial circumstance very seriously and that the bank should strongly consider giving SDI the 9.5 million dollar loan. Doug has asked us to insure the banks evaluation of his guild, predict the expected performance of odorous Drea ms Inc. for 1996 and 1997, and prepare a tend of SDIs strengths and impuissancees. All of these requests get away be used to influence the bank to grant a 9.5 million dollar concisely- barrier loan to SDI as well as non forcing the bank to demand straightaway re- even offment of their loans. Sweet Dreams Incorporated (SDI) is struggling currently. With a current ratio of 1.9, SDI looks good up front. However the companys strain occupies close to 60 percent of its current assets.The quick ratio better shows SDIs performance. With a ratio of .77, SDI dissolvenot pay their short-term liabilities as they come due. This shows the first problem of Sweet Dreams Inc lineage Management. Also in Dougs efforts to spin his recent losses he has decided to change his tralatitious dividend payout from 25% to 0. This symptom cuts to the core problem that SDIs bottom line has suffered in the past years, partially because of economic downturns and partly because of managements response to th e economic downturn. Finally SDIs Z puddle poses a problem with the banks standards. An Altmans Z home run is calculated by combining five different ratios of a company.First National claims that a Z score below the industry standard shows impuissance in a firm and increases the likelihood of default. SDIs Altman score is 3.07 which is not enough to worry the bank, only if enough to put increased pressure on Sweet Dreams Inc. on that pointfore the problem here lies at minimizing costs and increasing revenues. To solve these problems SDI would need to focus their efforts on inventory management, company decisions, and effectiveness and efficiency. Regarding inventory SDI can lower the current level of mattress production to let inventory deplete to an acceptable contribution of current assets. As for company decisions when the economy is hurting companies should focus on cutting wages or hours to minimize costs, not reducing prices to increase sales. Finally the company needs to work on up their ratios. Strong ratios come from more selling and less spending which in turn will pebibyte to a better Altmans Z score.2) After finding the results of Question one, it is evident that SDI has more weaknesses than strengths as of 1995. If you look at the common size statements, submit 3, it shows that inventory increased as a circumstances of sales, which indicates that a smaller helping is being sold. All current liabilities increased as a percentage of total liabilities, which indicates that SDI is veneering more debt. Figure one overly clearly shows many of the weaknesses of SDI. Both liquidity ratios are below the industry average. Although the debt ratio appears to be above the industry average, it is actually a weakness because it indicates that SDI has more debt than equity. The only asset management ratio that is above industry average is the fixed asset turnover ratio, the rest are either equal to, or beneath their industry average. However, its not a ll bad Figure one also shows that SDI has managed to give way a payout ratio on dividends that is 5 percent above the industry average.3) Based on our analysis of historical data, I do not believe that the bank should lend the requested money to SDI. We believe SDI is unfit for the loan because they are below the industry average in a majority of financial ratios used to measure overall supremacy in the company. These include liquidity ratios, leverage ratios, asset management ratios and profitability ratios, all shown in Table six. The fact that SDI Is facing decreased demand resulting from the recent depression also adds to their adversity they are facing to be a successful retailer. The current financial situation they are in makes them very sensitive to any unexpected economic event, making the risk of lending to them even greater. We firmly believe that it would not be beneficial to the bank to grant SDI this loan. 5) SDI has determined that its optimal cash in balance will be 5 percent of total sales. In addition, all excess funds of this keep down will be invested in marketable securities, which in turn will earn a 5 percent sideline rate. Based on the forecasted financial statements, we have determined that SDI will be able to invest in marketable securities in 1996 and 1997. As shown in Table two, net sales for 1996 and 1997 are $330,386,000 and $371,684,000 respectively.Table one shows that in 1996, SKI had $55,276,000 in cash and marketable securities. With the optimal cash balance at 5 percent, only $16,519,300 of this amount will be in cash. The remaining $38,756,700 will go towards marketable securities. alike the figures in 1997, which exceeds $18,584,200, the 5 percent optimal cash balance. Therefore, SDI was able to invest $56,183,800 in marketable securities. A potential problem that our financial forecasts reveal is that we are investing a considerably larger amount of money into the marketable securities than we are holding in cash. Wh ile this money is earning interest, it may cause a future problem seeing as how at that place are so many loans that require cash to be remunerative off. With cash being the most liquid of all assets, it may be prerequisite to keep more on hand in order to successfully pay off short and long term loans that will accumulate as a result of the $9,500,000 increase in majuscule from the plant expansion.6) On the basis of previously developed forecasts, it does not appear that SDI will be able to retire all of its outstanding short-term loans by December 31, 1996. At this date, SDIs short term SDI has on hand at this time is only $16,519,300, as the rest of their cash will be invested in marketable securities as a result of the 5 percent optimal cash balance. 7) Should the bank decide to withdraw the entire line of credit and demand payment immediately, a few substitute options would be available to Sweet Dreams Inc. The first option is that Sweet Dreams Inc. would immediately file for bankruptcy. Along with this they will file for protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Act. This will allow Sweet Dreams Inc. to run as a firm and raise new money under restricted circumstances. Sweet Dreams Inc. will also be able to sell off any liquid assets in order to cover routine expenses and legal fees involved in this process. However, filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is not an easy way out because more often than not the bank is unable to recover its initial investment.Along with this, employee productivity and morale descends, and the company will begin to have difficulty obtaining credit in the future because of their soiled credit history today. Another option is that Sweet Dreams Inc. would sell current assets at market value to pay off the requested amount from the bank. Their short-term bank loan is equal to $26,610,000 and their long-term bank loan is equal to $16,248,000 in 1995. Combined, this will equal a total of $42,858,000. This amount will need to be paid off as soon as possible. Due to the fact that they cannot sell total assets, Sweet Dreams Inc. needs to sell their current assets first at market value. For this example, we will use 28% as a fair market value. At 28% of face value, the $127,028,000 expense of current assets would be worth $91,460,160 to the creditors. First, Sweet Dreams Inc. would pay back the bank because they are requesting those funds immediately. After the loans are fully paid off, Sweet Dreams Inc. would be left with $48,602,160. The next action would be to pay off the stockholders who are tranquillize entitled to money.This amount would total to $2,660,000, with 7million shares valued at $.38. This would leave Since Sweet Dreams Inc. with $45,942,160. Although they still have money, Sweet Dreams Inc. took a major financial hit and will most likely need to default regardless. 8. There are several circumstances that would affect the validity of the comparative ratio analysis. For example the text quo tes, SDIs problems began with the recession of the early 1990s, which caused a drastic decrease in demand from its retail and hotel customers, When outside sources such(prenominal) as a recession or an inflation occurs one can expect that the forecast would be altered. Unforeseeable events such as natural disasters can also affect the normality of the forecast, as these can affect potential sales. Also, if one makes a mistake in a forecast, and adds incorrectly or uses the price formula then the comparative ratio will be thrown off.When anticipate, one can only trust the facts of the past. For example, in this case study, SDI managers saw a decrease in demand from this recession. This caused many retail and hotel customers to steer away from purchasing new bedding. Although the sales from new homeowners were still there, hotels were not being strengthened in the Southeast. Even though SDI responded by lowering prices and increasing production, people were still not buy and sales never increased. Hence, the management forecast was not accurate, and sales hardly improved. In most cases, forecasting is a very effective tool in predicting what will occur in the future, but there must be some room for managers to be flexible in order to account for discrepancies in the data or unknown events. 10) Based on the Altmans Z-Score table we are confident that if a company is within 25% of expected sales they will still be close to the tokenish Altman score of 3.2.Therefore the company would have strong enough ratios to not be flagged by the bank for, Problem Loans. Also Cost of Goods Sold as a percent of sales and the Altman Z score are inversely related. This shows that the end results are sensitive to Cost of Goods Sold. 11) While looking at the pro-forma financial statements, we believe Ingrid should give Sweet Dreams Inc. the 9.5 million dollar loan. All of the ratios are above the industry averages which hold strong signs for the future of the company. That bein g said SDIs pro forma statements are of course, speculative. Ingrid should implement certain streak systems to monitor SDIs statements. For instance the bank should state in part of their indenture that SDI must keep 20% of their revenue in a savings account that the bank has access too. This serves the bank by holding 20% of their assets, but more importantly it lets the bank see how much money the company is making proportionately. The bank also has the right to use said assets as collateral until SDI is able to pay the bank back. With this contingency plan installed we believe that Ingrid would be justified in giving the loan to Sweet Dreams Incorporated.

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Benecol: Raisio’s Global Nutriceutical Essay

Raisio, a Finnish corpuscle and chemical comp all, is the proud owner of a product that has been deemed one of the ten most important nutritional innovations in the orbit (Benecol, 2010). This product is a unique compound composed of visualiset stanol esters and has been scientific solelyy turn out to help lower cholesteroid alcohol levels in humans. With the prevalence of high cholesterol in the world race and the incidence of mortality associated with a high cholesterol level, it is no wonder that Raisio had a deep lust to sh ar their product with the world.Raisios first introduction of Benecol margarine was in November of 1995 in Finland and, even though it cost substantially more than regular margarine, Benecol flew off of the shelves (Moffett & Howard, 1999). Seeing the potential of Benecol, Raisio formed a broadcast to take it globularly. A successful global product roll-out requires an intricate knowledge of the market and c areful planning and preparation of all neces sary channels. According to the worldwide Minds Network, there are 10 critical locomote to global launch success.They are 1) evaluate local market opportunities, 2) create a global plan and roadmap, 3) design an effective launch process worldwide, 4) engage launch team crosswise cultures, 5) communicate across functions and cultures, 6) test your message and image, 7) internationalize customer communications, 8) ensure timely and localized deliverables, 9) deliver effective confirm tools to ensure global readiness, and 10) enable local gross sales teams through training (10 Steps to Global Launch Success, n. d. ).As Raisio had no prior knowledge of dealing in foodstuffs, they needed a global partner who could perform the 10 steps. Johnson & Johnson was to be this partner. Using their McNeil Consumer Products group, they proposed a comprehensive production, promotion, and distribution outline (Moffett & Howard, 1999). This strategy clearly defined the roles that each partner w ould perform and be financially responsible for. Raisio would continue to view as control of the stanol ester including the production of it and the supply of the raw material or plant sterol.Their input of capital was pitch toward keeping the supply constant and Raisio was quick to go into joint ventures with DRT (France), Detsa S. A. (Chile), and Westvaco Corporation (U. S. ). Along with building sterol production plants in these countries, Raisio also built an other one in Finland (Moffett & Howard, 1999). Raisio would buy the stanols that were produced at the respective(a) plants and then turn them into stanol ester using a process that they had patented.McNeil would then purchase stanol ester exclusively from Raisio, make the products containing the ester, and lodge these products to market and promote them. McNeil had budgeted over US$80 million for the promotional commitment (Moffett & Howard, 1999). Two other items that were covered in the agreement between Raisio and Jo hnson & Johnson pertained to payments that would be do to Raisio. Raisio would receive royalties on the sales of all products containing Benecol and they would also receive milestone payments. The milestone payments were an incentive for Raisio and an insurance policy for McNeil.If McNeil were to introduce Benecol products into major markets, they necessitate to make sure that there would be no break in the supply chain regarding the stanol ester because any lag in the production of the ester could have serious implications for McNeil. If Raisio could not keep up with the demand for stanol ester, there would be no payment. As for being an insurance policy, introducing a new product into the market carries with it abundant financial risk, if Raisio only receives a milestone payment if the launch is successful, McNeil has alleviated some of their risk by sharing it with Raisio.Financially, if McNeil was able to get beyond the FDA and other regulatory hurdles, Raisio stood to make c onsiderable gains. This was welcome discussion as Benecol sales in Finland had gone fairly flat and had only accounted for 2% of the Raisio Group sales just two years after it had been introduced (Moffett & Howard, 1999). Under the agreement with McNeil, Raisio would receive returns in the short-term, on a continuing basis, and over the life of the agreement. In the short-term, Raisio would receive milestone payments for the use of their intellectual property.These payments would start in 1998 and go thru 2001. Their amounts would be (millions of Finnish marks, FIM) 110, 150, 100, and 50 respectively. These payments are an assured inflow of cash and incur no direct expense associated with them. On a continuing basis, Raisio holds the patent on stanol ester so they would be proviso all of the stanol ester to McNeil. The projected amount ranges from 1723 tons in 1999 to 6851 tons in 2005. This gives Raisio continued sales of the ester and because they are partnered with McNeil, Rais io would receive an acceptable sale price.Projected revenues from the sale of stanol ester, for the years 1998 thru 2005, are (millions of FIM) 0, 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, and 4. Over the life of the agreement, Raisio would be the recipient of any royalties from the sale of any products containing Benecol. The royalties are to be paid as a serving of the retail product price. This is in the favor of Raisio because the royalties arent tied to profitability of the Benecol products. Royalty payments made to Raisio are projected to be (millions of FIM) 0, 108, 218, 279, 311, 340, 380, and 428 for the years 1998 thru 2005.In looking at the pro forma income statement, revenues from Benecol are predicted to rise from 2% of the Raisio Group sales to 8% by the end of 2005 thanks to the agreement with McNeil (Moffett & Howard, 1999). The strategy that Raisio needed was hence partnering with a multinational company as time was of the essence due to possible competition launching the market first. Unilever, Forbes Medi-Tech, and pharmaceutical giant Novartis were on the heels of Raisio also trying to bring their products to market.Raisio had spent immense amounts of funds and time formulating Benecol and doing clinical trials and did not want to lose out on any gains to be made (Moffett & Howard, 1999). Raisio was unfamiliar with this line of business so with the experience that Johnson & Johnsons McNeil division had in the world of pharmaceuticals and consumer products they were an splendiferous choice to assist in bringing Benecol to the global market. The only hurdles that now stood between Benecol and the world were regulatory issues.To bring Benecol to the market as quickly as possible would be difficult in Europe but even more difficult in the U. S. Of the three possible classifications that Benecol could be awarded by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), qualifying it as a pharmaceutical would mean substantially big value-margins as Benecol was shown to hav e as much, if not more, efficacy then the cholesterol-reducing drugs on the market, however, this path also required the most time (Moffett & Howard, 1999).

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Iago’s soliloquies are embarrassing and outdated

It is through Iagos soliloquies that the auditory modality gain most insight and usance How far do you agree with these opines and what is your legal opinion? Iagos soliloquies feature throughout the play Othello and allow the consultation to settle the full-strength feelings he has for other characters and his motives for his atrocious actions throughout the play. These two critical opinions show contrasting views of the measure out these soliloquies have to the reference and to the play itself.When Shakespe atomic number 18 wrote Othello, actors on the stage would often interact with the reference and involve them inside the play. Soliloquies were an opportunity for an actor in his role to explain his motives and way of thinking to the interview. This is shown when Iago asks and whats he then that says I play the villain? directly asking the hearing to question their opinion of him or become accomplices of his evil plan. To a in advance(p) consultation this interact ion with the actors is r ar and over-the-hill so to many Iagos soliloquies just face to be a man speaking to himself on stage.This dirty dog be embarrassing for the modern audience and also the actor playing Iago who has to deliver the lines convincingly. Another problem for the actor is that in Shakespearean times plays would be performed in open-air theatres during daylight with the audience stood right in front of the stage. This is opposite to modern day theatres that are enclosed and dark with the audience sitting further away from the stage. This makes the relationship amid actors and audience less intimate, which may make the soliloquy less effective and therefore out-of-date.At the curiosity of his soliloquies Iago ends in a rhyming couplet such as in Act 1 barb 1 hell and night must bring this monstrous birth to light which to modern audiences is slightly outdated and may associate Iago with a stereotypical villain in a pantomime who temporary hookups against the good guy, in this reason Othello. In pantomimes, the villain similarly interacts with the audience and uses hyperbolic manner of speaking with rhymes, dark imagery and rhetoric questions as Iago does. Therefore, Iagos soliloquies may be perceived as outdated and embarrassing for an audience who see Iagos representation as a villain as stereotypical and childishIagos soliloquies may seem outdated and embarrassing for an audience due to his racist language repeatedly referring to Othello as Moor and as a devil. A modern audience may not understand the racial term moor due to it being out of date, oddly as other characters use it a non racial way. The way his soliloquies are set out in prevent verse and in iambic pentameter may also be embarrassing for the audience and increase Iagos friendship with the pantomime villain. When Othello was scratch line staged, blank verse would indicate a serious, important part of the play and the audience would understand this switch from prose. Modern audiences without understanding the literary device may therefore find it outdated and fail to understand why an actor would be talking in a regular cycle per second unless when he was alone on the stage. The view that Iagos soliloquies add little to the play can be justified as Iago never fully shares his plan with the audience often formulating it in his head and claiming that it is engendered or that tis here exactly yet confused. alternatively the audience sole(prenominal) gets to see the beginning of the plan and who he plans to use to deceive Othello.The soliloquies can be seen as unimportant as Iago produces more than(prenominal) motives that are marvelous to be true such as his claim that Othello has slept with Emilia, in order to justify his original lies. This can begin to get repetitive and tiring to an audience. Without the soliloquies the audience would not lose out on the plot, only on Iagos insight so it can be argued that they are unnecessary. However, t he second critics view that Iagos soliloquies are perceptive and enjoyable can also be explored.Iago is the most important character in developing the plot as without his conniving plans to ruin Othello, Othellos and Desdemonas marriage would probably have survived. It is through his soliloquies that we see how his mind whole kit and how he abuses peoples good nature in order to ruin them. The soliloquies allow us to see into Iagos mind, which allows the audience to gain great insight into what he is doing. In Act 1 diorama 1 his first soliloquy reveals a great write out of his opinions of other people and it is though Iago is taking off a mask, suddenly revealing a darker side than we have seen so far.The audience see his true opinion of Roderigo as being a fool who he is only associating with for sport and profit and that he is impatient with his idiotic and defeatist talk. He also reveals his reason for bringing about the downfall of Othello is due to rumours he has heard of Othello sleeping with Emilia, which he continues to mention in other soliloquies, claiming the lusty moor hath leaped into his seat in Act 2 Scene 1. Other than this motive, which is possibly a lie in order to justify his evil nature, his other motives are selfish and unfair.Iago intends to ruin Cassio in order to get his place and later reveals a jealousy for Desdemona. He only expresses his motives within his soliloquies making them insightful to the audience even if they are only to defend himself. Iago manipulates Cassios smooth dispose in order to use it against him and convince Othello that he is too familiar with his wife. He abuses peoples good nature in order to defeat them and the audience can see this through his soliloquies. He knows that Othello will prove to Desdemona a most dear husband and is of a free and open nature but plans to use this good nature in order to bring his downfall.The audience sees that he is totally evil by regarding his manipulation of people and their lives as a game, structuring his plan carefully in order for him to cause great damage. His plan to pour canker into Othellos ear shows how he intends to use the trust he has developed with Othello to advise him against Cassio and Desdemona. He again, uses Desdemona who he believes to be virtuous and fruitful enjoying the concomitant that he will turn her virtue into pitch by using her goodness as the net that shall enmesh them all.The audience can get a true insight into Iagos nature of being spiteful and wicked, which would not be as clearly seen if the soliloquies were removed. The audience can almost see the way his brain is working and his language shows this. He uses repetition such as How? How? as he puts together his plan and there are often small pauses and contemplative moments such as let me see now to reflect his plan plan of attack together. His dark mind is reflected through his language with images of hell devils with the blackest sins and poison. For the a udience, this can be exciting as they are mingled in his plan, almost acting as accomplices.They hold a greater awareness of what is going on in the play than the rest of the characters and so can foreshadow Othellos downfall. The audience are far more likely to be sympathetic for Othello by knowing the true evil nature of Iago through his speeches, particularly in knowing that even Iago, who sees the worst in people admits that Othello is of constant, loving, noble nature. In my opinion, the second critics view that Iagos soliloquies are insightful and enjoyable is the most justified. Without his soliloquies the audience would be unaware of how Iagos plans come together, his motives or how he views the other characters.When he is with other characters it is almost as if he is wearing a mask to subvention up his true feelings. He plays the sound and trustworthy friend and it is only when he is alone does his true nature show and the audience discovers that this is a clever manipu lating method that he uses, knowing Othello thinks men honest that seem to be so. The first critics opinion that Iagos soliloquies are embarrassing and outdated can be a problem due to modern audiences not being used to this device. However, it can also be pleasing for an audience to experience this different way of acting and enjoyable to be involved in Iagos plot.As a modern audience we should understand that the play was written in a society that was different from today and therefore be less judgemental on how outdated it is. The critics view that they add little to the play is, in my opinion less justified. The soliloquies may not be essential to the actual plot of the play but they provide a great by giving the audience an opportunity to understand Iagos character. As an audience we can foreshadow the upcoming events in the play and therefore be more interested as it all unravels.An audience will feel more hatred towards Iago due to his soliloquies and therefore feel more sym pathy for the other characters as he causes their downfall. Instead of providing little to the play, they provide a great deal by stirring up the audiences emotions to the characters. Overall, I believe Iagos soliloquies to be of great insight and enjoyment to the audience as they allow an audience to see into his mind and be aware of his plot to bring Othellos downfall. Instead of being outdated and embarrassing they are insightful and enjoyable as audiences can directly encounter his harsh and wicked nature.

Face to Face Skills for Customer Service

view to Face Summer Erxleben MAR2305 December 17, 2011 Brandi Summers Face to Face The manner in which I handled this customer good call was unprofessional and handled very poorly. I did not answer the phone within three go or use the proper greeting that the company requires. There were many things I could generate through with(p) different in this situation. First and foremost I should have done my job and handled her situation ripe(p) away. However, that was not the case. Since I did not, there were other ways I could have smoothed things over with Aretha and rectify the situation.I should have answered the phone according to the companys guidelines of answering before three peal and using the standard greeting. I should have not discussed any personal issues that I was having with her or use those as an excuse as to why I did not return her phone call. I should have gone straight to apologizing for my mistake and resolving the issue. I feel as if Aretha was justified in ho w she tough me. She was frustrated and expressed it to me. I made her angrier over the situation by trying to excuse my actions instead of trying to find a resolution.Personal issues and priorities fire sometimes effect customer service because employees can let the mood over them flow into the work environment. An employee could possibly treat a customer with ira or indifference because of these issues. They can also be distracted from performing their required tasks. It is important to fracture your home life from your work life. There are times an employee will need to put on a smile and positive attitude even when faced with such issues.