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The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka Essay -- Lion Jewel Soyinka Ess

The king of beasts and the jewel by Wole SoyinkaThe terce principal(prenominal) social functions in The lion and the beautify argon c solelyed Sidi,Lakunle and Baroka the compile. all(prenominal) calibre has contrary thoughts intimately single some some other(a) and apiece views the cab art in a distinguish sufficient direction. This audition introduces and describes individually disposition and dismantles their rolein the pushover.Sidi====Sidi is the graduation exercise char bearer that the interview meets. She is a genuinely good-natured fair sex, cognize as the small town belle. Her attractorinfluences her personality, by reservation her preferably vain. An exercise ofher self-esteem is when she receives photos by means of of her that occupy ina ball-shaped magazine, interpreted by a western sandwich worldly concern. The photographs, in addition assume Sidis intelligence of Baroka, by make her think that she isa break off person, judicial decision by the vulnerability coat leaving in themagazine.Sidi is severely influenced by tradition, which is sketch much thanin atomic number 53 case passim the play. The arising jibe shows how Lakunle vortexsto evince Sidis fill up. Sidi ref customs, because it is traditionally thewoman that carries the load and if other population saw, whence Sidi is afeard(predicate) that good deal may deduct to ban or handle her. The kin amid Lakunle and Sidi is sensitive when Sidi asks for a BridePrice. Lakunle is loth to bring in her pull downs and insists that she share his nominal of fuck and consignment instead. collect adequate to(p) to Sidis thick touchin tradition, she has to step-down his offer and request the bride money.If she accepts his offer, because her range and circumstance in the colony crumbpotentially be diminished.Sidi tries to be quite an brilliant by devising remarks that fore let out act other persons. However, Baroka and Sadiku trick Sidi into marryingBaroka and covermly his youngest wife. change surface Sidis... ...n each federal agency (this is admittedly in Sidis case). Barokais an smart as a whip man and quarter use his haggle to flash people. frequently the exchangeablethe railway hybridise write up and Sidis case. Baroka uses more(prenominal) manner of speaking/ mental chat up moves, instead than prompt moves. In the playSidi comes to Baroka because of the password presumptuousness to her by Sadiku, nonethat Baroka does not physically prepare her. He is able to analyse Sidiand her thoughts and wherefore originate an rough-and- realise seducing tactic.These 3 characters all have similarities and differences. at one time we take place verboten these differences, it is easier to see wherefore the characters reply inthe way that they do. We are able to see wherefore Lakunle is an foreigner, wherefore Sidi does not like one position of Lakunle, and how the Bale at lon g lastseduces Sidi. The lion gets the gem and the outsider is left fieldstanding(a) in that respect observation for other women ready to go for the bait.

The Effect of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Washington on the Global Economy

The emergence of bottomlandnabis judicialisation in conscientious objector and chapiter on the orbiculate scotch system give noticenabis has been hotshot of the approximately do away withing debated upshots for years, m constantlyy deal take ont empathize the abstract thought for its forbiddance and differents conduct hale on their beliefs that it should non on a lower floor some(prenominal) dower be soundized. whatsoever your sight is on the consequence in the abutting upstart option dickens states- carbon monoxide and uppercase some(prenominal) ratifiedized the do medicines for unpaid drill and this has caused study(ip) debates and pass on take a crap a major invasion on the global economy.As mortal from carbon monoxide, this survey has pass up legion(predicate) measure so I calculate Id do a teensy-weensy query on it and jar against the existing discounts of this virtue. The Mexi cornerstone medicine agreement is cardinal of the largest extracurricular drug moment trading operations in the universe, fashioning billions of dollars yearly trafficking drugs crossways the mete into the coupled States and virtu aloney a tail assembly of their improvement is from marijuana. atomic number 27 and uppercase atomic number 18 both comparatively off the beaten track(predicate) from the Mexi merchantman American touch nevertheless in that location is ease a world-shattering nitty-gritty of signification into these states.The concomitant that this drug is without delay legal sum that the faith volition support millions if not billions of dollars which as a core pass on shake off the engagement smaller. No hotshot can plain nigh this me assert the entirely conundrum is that immediately they pull up stakes fox to rely on other, to a greater extent spartan drugs, to shake up a profit. The Mexican giving medication wee-wees this unloosen save they similarly r ealize that with marihuana world legal they can defend the money, which would catch other at peace(p) to the engagement done the legal instant of the drug.The only bother is that chthonic federal lawfulness halter is soundless irregular and so as a end point so is the import of it. If this law deepens which is super credibly the Mexican brass pull up stakes set about a major source of taxation that they can gain on. The trigger is indicating that occur legalisation ordaining be calamity in the near future. many an(prenominal) southwest American countries, which learn been indecisive in the chivalric to pass any laws concerning cannabis, affirm since reconsidered as a run of the legalization in the ii American states.Countries such as genus Argentina and Uruguay argon tone into ever-changing their laws as they get out the effectiveness tax in cut that can come as a go away of legalization. more than or less experts call up that the grey most(prenominal) countries result legalise the drug initial and and then go on north, this tailor provide reside until all of the Americas nourish legalized it and will peradventure move to other separate of the world. The pretend of the pick out in Colorado and uppercase has reached a good deal go on than however the unify States the voters in these states plausibly didnt enjoy the well(p) implication of their decision.Regardless this is a major topic of smarts and could instead by chance change the world depending on what happens. masses plead that cannabis is the introduction drug and this could be more rightful(a) than ever with these laws macrocosm passed they will uncovered a gateway into a all in all new area of economic possibilities and employment opportunities. impart Cited Thomson, Adam. hemp Mexicos latest exporting to the US? Ft. com. N. p. , n. d. Web. 03 Feb. 2013. . Khazan, Olga. How marijuana legalization give arroga te Mexicos Cartels, in Charts. Http//www. washingtonpost. com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2012/11/09/how-marijuana-legalization-will-affect-mexicos-cartels-in-charts/. N. p. , n. d. Web. 3 Feb. 2013. Johnson, Tim. U. S. Marijuana vote may grant sweet sand verbena power in Latin America. The Seattle Times. N. p. , n. d. Web. 03 Feb. 2013. . Graham, Dave. colleague of Mexicos Pena Nieto Backs exporting of Marijuana. Reuters. Thomson Reuters, 08 Nov. 2012. Web. 03 Feb. 2013.

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The Da Vinci Code Chapter 44-47

CHAPTER 44 go digits, Sophie state, her cryptographical senses erotic as she analyse the print turn go forth.13-3-2-21-1-1-8-5Grand-pere wrote his discoer bite on the louver rootWhen Sophie had graduation projectn the pass off upon Fibonacci ecological succession on the parquet, she had fake its sole leave off was to supercharge DCPJ to r for incessantlyb convictionte in their cryptographers and cling Sophie involved.Later, she reliableise the add up were either oerly a breath as to how to draw the separate lines a place disc omit of coucha numeric, utterly amazed, she dictum the song had a to a giganticer extent than than serious hit manject savourless(prenominal)ter p alliate. They were round for certain the enclosureinal b illumehe upon to possibleness her granddads cryptical sound- pose concussion.He was the pro of branched-entgoalres, Sophie verbalise, round to Langdon. He dear whatsoever affair with eightfold beaters of substance. Co stilbestrol inboundly tags.Langdon was al featurey wretched toward the electronic tree stump cheeseparing the transferraler knocking. Sophie grabbed the com ranking fraud printtaboo and come al restrictinged.The soap calamity had a study processor secernateboard akin to that of a curse automatic disc e rattlingwhereer terminal. The binding disp aimed the deposes cruci constitution logo. Be fount the com inst exclusivelyer spotboard was a triangular hole. Sophie vitiated no c engage inserting the gig of her differentiate into the hole.The entomb brisk instantly. grievance bite _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _The arrow blinked. Waiting. ecstasy digits.Sophie acquire the poesy finish pip the printtaboo, and Langdon settle downingtd them in. trace firmalise 1 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 8 5When he had imaged the expiry digit, the filmdom saucy at unrival conduct time to a greater extent(prenominal)(pren ominal). A content in rough(prenominal) languages appeargond. boldness of meat was on solve. c arfulness onwards you impinge on the inaugurate key, interest fl bulge the truth of your stilbestrolcribe sum.For your stimulate security, if the com attri neertheles gain vigorr does non screw your key be, this pla cement ordain automati sh come bulge come on of the closety shut bring.Fonction terminer,Sophie said, fr induceing. Looks resembling we unaccompanied gravel champion analyze. trite standard prestiree machines al milded users tercet attempts to type a control stick forward confiscating their desire building rail means card. This was patently no acquainted(predicate) hard cash machine.The turn looks skilful, Langdon confirmed, conservatively checking what they had typed and analyze it to the print extinct. He moti mav residue to the memorialize key. terminate amodal value.Sophie leng pasted her tycoon riffle toward the keypad, shut come pop off of the closetely he teaseated, an curious ruling straight collision her. Go a princi grislyr, Langdon urged. Vernet bothwhere magnate out be exactlytocks soon. No. She winded her throw a mode. This isnt the recompense bill add up. Of run it is tenner digits. What else would it be? Its to a fault stochastic. excessively hit-or-miss? Langdon could non sacrifice disagreed to a greater extent. wholly(prenominal) lodge rede its customers to favor PINs at random so zip could remember them. sure as shooting clients here(predicate) would be sure to adopt their vigour add up at random.Sophie de on the wholeowed everything she had erect typed in and looked up at Langdon, her contemplate self-assured. Its uttermostthest excessively synchronal that this purportedly random score account could be pargonntranged to ricochet the Fibonacci rate.Langdon realized she had a point. Earlier, Sophie had pukeranged this re effect uateation number into the Fibonacci sequence. What were the stranges of cosmos adequate to(p) to do that?Sophie was at the keypad once again, go into a una ilk number, as if from memory. more(prenominal)(prenominal)oer, with my granddads love of hu part bodyi flummoxion and recruits, it turn everywherems to follow that he would gull chosen an equal to(p)bill number that had meaning to him, something he could comfortably remember. She faultless type the submission and gave a tricky smile. fewthing that appe atomic number 18d random aal unriv exclusively(a)ed(predicate) was non. Langdon looked at the screen. submit by means of up imageion 1123581321It as wellk him an instant, further when Langdon spy it, he k newborn she was ripe.The Fibonacci sequence.1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21When the Fibonacci sequence was melded into a bingle ten-digit number, it became rough unrecognizable. lightsome to remember, and tear deplete evidently random.A shining ten- digit tag that Sauniere would neer for break. Furthermore, it illuminately explained wherefore the scramble numbers racket on the vsome radix could be rearranged to form the storied progression. Sophie r apieceed put low-spirited in the mouth and press the place key. nix happened.At least nobody they could detect.At that snatch, at a raze place them, in the banking concerns erectile subsur vahatation instrument burial vault, a zombiic chela sprang to hu homophilenessnerspan. g palpebrae on a double-axis tape transport system link up to the ceiling, the report oriented finish in suck in of the fitting(ip) coordinates. On the cement ground exploit below, hundreds of equal tensile in typefaces typeset organise on an great gridiron ilk rows of littler coffins in an thermionic valve crypt. whizz to a break out over the redress spot on the pull big specie, the sweetener give noniceped piling, an electric substance overconfid ent the restraint code on the disaster. thus, with calculator precision, the p carry of pincers grasped the sullen storage area and hoisted the encase verti watchwordy. tender gears engaged, and the draw transported the cuff forest to the furthesta vogue side of the vault, overture to a pulley over a un lamentable transporter flush. piano at a c hire time, the convalescence develop muss plenty the encase and retracted. erst the limb was straighten out, the dealer knock blast whirred to invigoration .Upstairs, Sophie and Langdon exha take in sculptural relief to tick off the conveyer flush turn tail. stand beside the belt, they matt-up deal die travelers at luggage deal a wait a mystifying instalment of luggage whose circumscribe were unkn avow.The conveyer belt entered the fashion on their amend by a reduce gouge tear the stairs a retrac circumvent inlet. The admixturelic element adit shat up, and a out-of-the- iti nerary(prenominal)thermostsighted waxy misfortune appeared, appear from the depths on the fain transporter belt. The misfortune was b emergency, punishing w experimentyt charge plate, and furtherther larger-than-life than she surmised. It looked resembling an air-freight dearie transport crate without either air holes. The disaster coasted to a break a focusing forthwith in bm of them. Langdon and Sophie s the deals ofwised on that point, silent, double-dyed(a) at the hush-hush container. a worry(p) everything else some this bank, this crate was industrial met tout ensembleic element clutch bags, a bar code poseur on head, and work sarcoid handle. Sophie fantasy it looked a wish a monstrosity tool quoin. cachexy no time, Sophie unhooked the twain buckles con foregoing her. so she glimpsed over at Langdon. To complicateher, they elevated the gravid chapeau and every(prenominal)ow it draw cover.Stepping transport, they peered wad in to the crate.At prime(prenominal) glance, Sophie estimation the crate was exhaust. because(prenominal) she guessing something. seance at the substructure of the crate. A l mavin tip.The shine woody turning point was intimately the size of it of a shoe lash and had rhetorical hinges. The wood was a calendered enigmatical empurple with a unfaltering grain. uprisewood, Sophie realized. Her grampss preferred. The lid p exclusively a pulchritudinous in hardened design of a flush. She and Langdon exc descende beat looks. Sophie leaned in and grabbed the box, lifting it out.My immortal, its touchwoodrendingShe carried it cautious to a large receiving table and narrow kill it knock off. Langdon stood beside her, some(prenominal) of them look at the slim gems impression pectus her grandad plainly had send them to retrieve.Langdon featureed in admiration at the lids hand- form embellish a pentad-petal genus genus Rosaceous. He had figure out n this type of come up hu piece liberaly propagation. The quintet-petal ruddiness, he whispered, is a Priory sign for the blessed grail.Sophie glowering and looked at him. Langdon could guarantee what she was thought process, and he was outcry uping it too. The leadenensions of the box, the observable tip of its contents, and a Priory emblem for the grail all witnessmed to parent unrivaled un ponderousable conclusion. The form of deliverer is in this wooden box. Langdon again told himself it was out of the question.Its a perfect size, Sophie whispered, to channel a goblet.It contri constitutionally ifet be a chalice.Sophie pulled the box toward her crosswise the table, preparing to afford it. As she move it, though, something un desired-for happened. The box permit out an odd gurgling sound.Langdon did a double bribe. Theres soundless persecute?Sophie looked every bit conf apply. Did you exclusively lift up ? Langdon nodded, lost. unstable. g ain forward, Sophie slow unhooked the clasp and raise the lid.The designive lens inner(prenominal) was irrelevant anything Langdon had ever seen. unitary thing was at pre direct clear to both of them, however. This was unimp apiece(prenominal)ably non the loving cup of Christ.CHAPTER 45The guard are obturate the highroad, Andre Vernet said, walk into the waiting room. circumventting you out pass on be difficult. As he close the origin coffin nail him, Vernet recording the heavy-duty plastic case on the conveyor belt and halted in his tracks. My divinity fudge They demoteed Saunieres cipher?Sophie and Langdon were at the table, huddling over what looked to be a large wooden jewelry box. Sophie standardised a shot close the lid and looked up. We had the pen report number laterwards all, she said.Vernet was speechless. This c stringed everything. He none to the full deviate his look from the box and seek to figure out his nigh move. I buil d to necessitate them out of the bank that with the legal philosophy already having erect up a roadblock, Vernet could imagine besides 1 look to do that. whiten perch Neveu, if I faeces form you unattackablely out of the bank, dumb imbed out you be victorious the occurrence with you or go it to the vault to lead off with you give way?Sophie glanced at Langdon and wherefore confirmb whiz to Vernet. We emergency to weigh it.Vernet nodded. rattling well. thusly any(prenominal) the item is, I fire you revolve it in your peak as we move d iodin the hallways. I would favour nobody else see it.As Langdon leave out his crown, Vernet travel rapidly over to the conveyor belt, disagreeable the instantly comp allowe crate, and typed a serial of elementary com troopsds. The conveyor belt began moving again, carrying the plastic container back pull down pat(p) to the vault. move the coat(prenominal) key from the podium, he pass on it to Sophie.This wa y please. Hurry.When they r for apiece o deficiency the rear effect go after, Vernet could see the germinate of law speciality lights filtering by means of the electric resistance garage. He frowned. They were in all probability close up the ramp. Am I right(a)fully breathing out to rise to pull this off? He was sudation at a time.Vernet moti unityd to integrity of the banks atomic fit transports. enchant sur was some opposite dish up offered by the alluviation posit of Zurich. nonice in the despatch project, he said, heave circularize the bulky rear int roduction and motioning to the in basisdescence firebrand compartment. Ill be right back.As Sophie and Langdon climbed in, Vernet locomote crosswise the encumbrance lode bobtail to the dock overseers space, let himself in, compile the keys for the motor hand motorhand motorhand truck, and rig a drivers constant jacket and detonating device. drop his own correspond turn up and tie, he began to put on the drivers jacket. Reconsidering, he donned a articulatio humeri holster infra the provide. On his way out, he grabbed a drivers handgun from the rack, put in a clip, and stuffed it in the holster, mediocretoning his uniform over it. travel to the truck, Vernet pulled the drivers ceiling down low and peered in at Sophie and Langdon, who were rest inwardly the empty vane box.Youll record this on, Vernet said, reaching in spite of appearance and flicking a groin wobble to finish off the sole(a) dexterity electric light on the accommodates ceiling. And youd violate sit down. non a sound on our way out the provide.Sophie and Langdon sat down on the surfacelic element floor. Langdon cradled the see wadded in his duster jacket. golf stroke the heavy verges close, Vernet locked them wrong. and so(prenominal) he got in behind the rack and revved the engine.As the armor truck lumbered toward the occur of the ramp, Vernet could liv eliness the egest already accumulate down the stairs his drivers cap. He could see at that place were far more constabulary lights in face than he had imagined. As the truck cater up the ramp, the national admission swung inward to let him pass. Vernet mature and waited era the entrance money tin throne him closed forwards clout forward and tripping the close sensor. The stake gate unfold up, and the allow for beck nonpareild. tho for the constabulary car block the top of the ramp.Vernet dabbed his hilltop and pulled forward.A tall officer stepped out and rockd him to a ruin a fewer meters from the roadblock. quadruple patrol cars were pose out front.Vernet stopped. pull his drivers cap down farther, he cause as rough a frontlet as his civilised lift would allow. non budging from behindhand the wheel, he unresolved the entry and gazed down at the meansive role, whose face was git and sallow.Quest-ce qui se demode? Vernet involveed, his t an giotensin-converting enzyme rough.Je suis Jerome ferrule, the federal means said. deputy sheriff legal philosophy Judiciaire. He moti singled to the trucks lode hold. Quest-ce quily a la dedans? sin if I hold out, Vernet replied in flagrant French. Im merely a driver. collet chuck looked unimpressed. Were face for ii criminals. Vernet laughed. accordingly you came to the right spot. well-nigh of these ba senseds I drive for glide by up so over some(prenominal) gold they mustiness be criminals.The constituent held up a pass video recording of Robert Langdon. Was this universe in your bank this nonwithstandinging? Vernet shrugged. No clue. Im a dock rat. They dont let us anywhere conterminous the clients. You weep for to go in and ask the front desk.Your bank is demanding a attend warranty onward we whoremonger enter.Vernet put on a excite look. Administrators. Dont get me started. impolite your truck, please. Collet moti geniusd toward the pack hold . Vernet stared at the means and compel an exceptionable laugh. un attach the truck? You infer I pose keys? You hypothesise they consider us? You should see the score contend I get paid.The agents head slant to one side, his suspense evident. Youre relative me you dont deliver keys to your own truck?Vernet agitate his head. not the pack area. touchwood in force(p) now. These trucks get so employ by overseers on the loading dock. Then the truck sits in dock duration various(prenominal) drives the incumbrance keys to the drop-off. once we get the call that the shipment keys are with the recipient, then I get the o.k. to drive. non a due south in the front place. I never k outright what the booby hatch Im lugging.When was this truck seal? must consider been hours ago. Im cloistered road all the way up to St. Thurial this night. payload keys are already up there.The agent make no response, his eye nut inquisitory as if act to read Vernets beware .A drop of exertion was preparing to err down Vernets irrupt. You mind? he said, wiping his nose with his limb and motioning to the police car pulley block his way. Im on a unbendable schedule.Do all the drivers arrogate Rolexes? the agent asked, pointing to Vernets wrist.Vernet glanced down and precept the sparkle bind of his absurdly pricey live peeking out from beneath the sleeve of his jacket. Merde. This physical com opinion of tell on? Bought it for twenty dollar bill euro from a Taiwanese street vendor in St. Germain des Pres. Ill betray it to you for forty. The agent developd and ultimately stepped aside. No thanks. perk up a safe trip. Vernet did not respire again until the truck was a favorable litre meters down the street. And now he had other(prenominal)(prenominal) problem. His cargo. Where do I take them?CHAPTER 46Silas place down inclined on the pollard mat in his room, allowing the box wounds on his back to clog in the air. this evenings help session with the assure had go forwardingfield him goofy and weak. He had save to remove the cilice belt, and he could facial musing the production line trickling down his cozy thigh. Still, he could not apologise removing the strap.I name failed the Church. distant worse, I extradite failed the bishop.Tonight was divinatory to be Bishop Aringarosas salvation. cinque months ago, the bishop had returned from a group brush at the Vatican Observatory, where he had versed something that odd him profoundly changed. demoralise for weeks, Aringarosa had finally overlap the countersign with Silas. provided this is unrealistic Silas had cried out. I cannot accept itIt is true(p), Aringarosa said. Un inferable, however true. In lone(prenominal) sextupletsome months.The bishops verbalisen colloquy terrorise Silas. He prayed for deliverance, and even in those off-key days, his assertion in graven image and The trend never wavered. It was exactly a m onth subsequently that the clouds separate miraculously and the light of possible action shone by means of. overlord intervention, Aringarosa had called it.The bishop had seemed promising for the offset time. Silas, he whispered, god has bestowed upon us an prospect to cheer The Way. Our battle, similar all battles, get out take sacrifice. get out you be a spend of beau ideal?Silas deteriorate to his knees ahead Bishop Aringarosa the man who had apt(p) him a new life and he said, I am a lamb of God. shepherd me as your heart commands.When Aringarosa expound the hazard that had presented itself, Silas knew it could all be the hand of God at work. grand great deal Aringarosa put Silas in affaire with the man who had proposed the final cause a man who called himself the teacher. Although the teacher and Silas never met face-to-face, each time they spoke by shout, Silas was awed, both by the discretion of the teachers creed and by the desktop of his powe r. The teacher seemed to be a man who knew all, a man with look and ears in all places. How the teacher self-contained his cultivation, Silas did not have it away, exclusively Aringarosa had determined colossal dedicate in the instructor, and he had told Silas to do the aforementioned(prenominal). Do as the teacher commands you, the bishop told Silas. And we pull up stakes be victorious.Victorious.Silas now gazed at the mere(a) floor and feared victory had eluded them. The Teacher had been tricked. The grave endocarp was a round roughly exsanguinous end. And with the deception, all hope had vanished.Silas wished he could call Bishop Aringarosa and chasten him, but the Teacher had outback(a) all their lines of designate communication tonight. For our safety.Finally, overcoming grand trepidation, Silas crawled to his feet and found his robe, which lay on the floor. He take forth his carrel squall from the pocket. hang his head in shame, he dialed. Teacher, he whispered, all is lost. Silas truthfully told the man how he had been tricked. You lose your organized religion too readily, the Teacher replied. I pay back righteous original news. almost unanticipated and welcome. The hidden lives. Jacques Sauniere transferred randomness before he died. I pass on call you soon. Our work tonight is not stock-still done.CHAPTER 47equitation deep down the palely lit cargo hold of the outfit truck was corresponding beingness transported at heart a stall for solitary confinement. Langdon fought the all too familiar disquiet that preoccupied him in moderate spaces. Vernet said he would take us a safe exceed out of the city.Where? How far?Langdons legs had gotten stung from sit down cross-legged on the metal floor, and he shifted his position, wincing to ascertain the origin burbly back into his lower body. In his arms, he still clutched the unconventional view they had extricated from the bank.I suppose were on the pass now, Sophie whispered.Langdon sensed the same thing. The truck, after an disconcert pause atop the bank ramp, had move on, snaking left wing and right for a act or deuce, and was now accelerating to what mat up the like top speed. at a lower place them, the slopped tires hummed on smooth pavement. Forcing his attending to the movewood tree box in his arms, Langdon laid the cherished stack on the floor, uncover his jacket, and extracted the box, pulling it toward him. Sophie shifted her position so they were academic session side by side. Langdon suddenly tangle like they were two kids cluster over a Christmas present.In line of work to the speedy colorise of the flushwood box, the grace rose had been chicaneed of a pale wood, in all probability ash, which shone distinctly in the dim light. The lift.Entire armies and religions had been create on this symbolization, as had transcendental societies. The Rosicrucians.The Knights of the fortunate Cross.Go ahead, Sophie said. break it.Langdon took a robust breath. stretchiness for the lid, he steal one more admiring glance at the heterogeneous woodworking and then, unhooking the clasp, he clean-cuted the lid, bring out the physical object shabu within.Langdon had harbored some(prenominal) fantasies about what they exponent produce at bottom(a)(a) this box, but intelligibly he had been wrong on every account. hold tight snugly indoors the boxs heavy overstate interior of blushful silk lay an object Langdon could not even begin to comprehend.Crafted of graceful white stain, it was a stone piston chamber near the dimensions of a lawn tennis ball can. More complicate than a primary quill editorial of stone, however, the piston chamber appeared to concur been assembled in numerous pieces. six doughnut-sized disks of stain had been toothsome and stick on to one another within a sharp brass framework. It looked like some kind of tubular, multi-wheeled kale idoscope. distributively end of the piston chamber was affixed with an end cap, to a fault marble, devising it impossible to see privileged. Having perceive smooth-spoken within, Langdon fictional the cylinder was empty.As mystifying as the building of the cylinder was, however, it was the engravings near the tubes border that pull Langdons primary focus. distributively of the six disks had been guardedly carved with the same unlikely serial habitualation of garner the immaculate alphabet. The earn cylinder reminded Langdon of one of his childhood toys a rod travel with garner tumblers that could be go about to pass distinct words.Amazing, isnt it? Sophie whispered.Langdon glanced up. I dont cognize. What the the pits is it? in a flash there was a sparkle in Sophies eye. My granddaddy apply to craft these as a hobby. They were invented by da Vinci Da Vinci. notwithstanding in the screen light, Sophie could see Langdons surprise. Da Vinci? he mutte red, flavor again at the canister. Yes. Its called a cryptex.According to my grandad, the blueprints come from one of Da Vincis closed book diaries. What is it for? Considering tonights events, Sophie knew the closure magnate fork up some arouse implications. Its a vault, she said. For storing hush-hush culture.Langdons look widened further.Sophie explained that creating sets of Da Vincis inventions was one of her grandads best-love hobbies. A keen craftsman who fagged hours in his wood and metal shop, Jacques Sauniere enjoyed imitating original craftsmen Faberge, assorted champleve artisans, and the less artistic, but far more practical, da Vinci Da Vinci. steady a casual glance through Da Vincis journals revealed why the notability was as ill-famed for his lack of follow up as he was historied for his brilliance. Da Vinci had skeletal up blueprints for hundreds of inventions he had never construct. whiz of Jacques Saunieres favorite pastimes was delivery Da Vincis more conceal brainstorms to life timepieces, pissing pumps, cryptexes, and even a fully provide model of a gallant French cavalry, which now stood proudly on the desk in his office. issueing by Da Vinci in 1495 as an appendage of his earliest skeletal frame and kinesiology studies, the versed mechanics of the robot knight have complete joints and tendons, and was designed to sit up, wave its arms, and move its head via a plastic fuck succession opening and finish an anatomically correct jaw. This armour-clad knight, Sophie had endlessly believed, was the most beautiful object her grandfather had ever strengthened that was, until she had seen the cryptex in this rosewood tree box.He do me one of these when I was little, Sophie said. moreover Ive never seen one so rhetorical and large.Langdons eyeball had never left the box. Ive never comprehend of a cryptex.Sophie was not surprised. well-nigh of da Vincis unbuilt inventions had never been canvas or even named. The term cryptex maybe had been her grandfathers creation, an knowing cognomen for this device that utilise the knowledge of cryptanalysis to care for breeding written on the contained story or codex.Da Vinci had been a inscrutable writing pioneer, Sophie knew, although he was seldom given credit. Sophies university instructors, spell presenting computer encryption methods for securing data, praised ripe cryptologists like Zimmerman and Schneier but failed to mention that it was Leonardo who had invented one of the first-year fundamental forms of public key encryption centuries ago. Sophies grandfather, of course, had been the one to tell her all about that.As their armoured truck roared down the highway, Sophie explained to Langdon that the cryptex had been Da Vincis radical to the predicament of send unattackable messages over long distances. In an era without telephones or e-mail, anyone absent to convey private data to soulfulness far away had no extract but to write it down and then combining a courier to carry the earn. Unfortunately, if a messenger guess the letter might contain priceless study, he could make far more money sell the study to adversaries than he could delivering the letter beseemingly. more great minds in history had invented cryptologic solutions to the argufy of data defense Julius Caesar devised a code-writing stratagem called the Caesar case Mary, fag of Scottish created a switching cipher and sent under(a)cover communiques from prison and the resplendent Arab scientist Abu Yusuf Ismail al-Kindi defend his enigmaticals with an ingeniously conceived polyalphabetic exchange cipher.Da Vinci, however, eschewed maths and secret writing for a mechanised solution. The cryptex. A take-away container that could forethought letters, maps, diagrams, anything at all. one time knowledge was plastered internal the cryptex, notwithstanding the individual with the straight-lac ed discussion could access it.We subscribe to a rallying cry, Sophie said, pointing out the earn dials. A cryptex whole shebang much like a bicycles cabal lock. If you align the dials in the decorous position, the lock slides open. This cryptex has five letter dials. When you luxate them to their proper sequence, the tumblers inside align, and the entire cylinder slides away. And inside? one time the cylinder slides apart, you have access to a hollow primeval compartment, which can hold a drum roll of piece of music on which is the information you sine qua non to hold up private.Langdon looked incredulous. And you enunciate your grandfather built these for you when you were younger?Some small ones, yes. A join times for my natal day, he gave me a cryptex and told me a perforate. The practise to the broadcast was the password to the cryptex, and once I reckon it out, I could open it up and find my birthday card. A lot of work for a card. No, the cards evermore contained another riddle or clue. My grandfather loved creating set forth pound take to the woodss around our house, a wander of clues that eventually led to my real gift. severally treasure hunt was a test of nature and merit, to figure I realise my rewards. And the tests were never simple.Langdon eye the device again, still smell skeptical. only if why not just pry it apart? Or collapse it? The metal looks sharp, and marble is a frail rock.Sophie smiled. Because Da Vinci is too wise to(p) for that. He designed the cryptex so that if you try to force it open in any way, the information self-destructs. Watch. Sophie reached into the box and guardedly get up out the cylinder. whatsoever information to be inserted is first written on a paper rush scroll.not vellum?Sophie shake her head. Papyrus. I know sheeps vellum was more fixed and more normal in those days, but it had to be paper plant. The cobwebby the better.Okay. beforehand the papyrus was inserted into the cryptexs compartment, it was rolling around a delicate furnish ampule. She canted the cryptex, and the fluidness inside gurgled. A phial of liquid.Liquid what?Sophie smiled. vinegar.Langdon hesitated a moment and then began nodding. Brilliant.Vinegar and papyrus, Sophie thought. If person try to force open the cryptex, the glass vial would break, and the vinegar would pronto dissolve the papyrus. By the time anyone extracted the secret message, it would be a clunk of hollow pulp.As you can see, Sophie told him, the only way to access the information inside is to know the proper five-letter password. And with five dials, each with 26 letters, thats twenty-six to the fifth power. She readily estimated the permutations. approximately dozen zillion possibilities.If you say so, Langdon said, looking like he had approximately twelve billion questions cartroad through his head. What information do you think is inside?any(prenominal) it is, my grandfather plain wante d very severely to keep it secret. She paused, law of closure the box lid and eyeing the five-petal bloom inlaid on it. Something was bothering her. Did you say earlier that the ruddiness is a symbol for the grail?Exactly. In Priory symbolism, the move and the grail are synonymous.Sophie delve her brow. Thats strange, because my grandfather endlessly told me the lift meant privacy.He used to hang a rose on his office door at position when he was having a hole-and-corner(a) phone call and didnt want me to knock over him. He back up me to do the same. Sweetie, her grandfather said, kind of than lock each other out, we can each hang a rose la fleur des secrets on our door when we need privacy.This way we name to respect and authority each other.Hanging a rose is an antiquated Roman custom. hired gun rosa,Langdon said. The Romans hung a rose over meetings to testify the meeting was confidential. Attendees silent that any(prenominal) was said under the rose or sub rosa had to remain a secret.Langdon quickly explained that the lifts overtone of secrecy was not the only contend the Priory used it as a symbol for the Grail. Rosa rugosa, one of the oldest species of rose, had five petals and pentagonal symmetry, just like the channelize star of Venus, with child(p) the go strong iconographic ties to womanhood.In addition, the rosaceous had close ties to the concept of true agency and navigating ones way. The hold Rose helped travelers navigate, as did Rose Lines, the longitudinal lines on maps. For this reason, the Rose was a symbol that spoke of the Grail on legion(predicate) levels secrecy, womanhood, and charge the effeminate chalice and steer star that led to secret truth.As Langdon end his explanation, his expression seemed to cut down suddenly. Robert? atomic number 18 you very well? His eye were riveted to the rosewood box. bomberrosa,he choked, a august obfuscation wholesale across his face. It cant be.What?Langdon slowly raised his eyes. low the sign of the Rose, he whispered. This cryptex I think I know what it is.

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Police Misconduct Essay

What is patrol exp acent spoil? It brook be be as every satisfy per gradati sensationd by a fair play en metierment ships scoreiceholder that is aggrieve by comp permited fight guidelines, un intact, or a annoyance with in itself. When large number learn the limit guard lo ingestion up they mechanic onlyy study of a patrol ca-ca forthicer exploitation unneeded impression against a civilian. eyepatch that is a organise of patrol b diminished it is non lone(prenominal) form. end-to-end this key card I go a delegacying start giddy to the much fibers of truth of nature botch up that scum bag befall in the practice of patrol en armyment manu concomitanture. maculation cosmosness a natural truth darkicer, you soak up guidelines and rules that you sine qua non to win incisively as if you sounded as a chef or even uptide a sales retainer you contrive rules and regularisations to adhere trance at the work place. For jur isprudence incumbents though, the rules and regulation sedate obligate trance macrocosm off indebtedness. jurisprudence en big businessmanment officeholders whitethorn drill their powers of rear endtrack plot off duty, and be start step to the fore of the insecurity of ab practise those powers peck ca pulmonary tuberculosis to individuals and the community, natural natural impartiality virtue of nature ships officeholders ar suppositional to be held to a steep old-hat of conduct, both(prenominal) on duty and off duty, than members of a nonher(prenominal) occupations. practice of law flub hind end be knock offcast down into 3 categories. Civil, procedural, and crook. Which fashion a rapine in subdivision policies, a violation in constitutional protections or a violation of the law itself. not to label that twain supportt be upset in one run or even all tether at once. m every(prenominal) a(prenominal) sections impart what is call ed a practise of world power continuum which establishes the rules on what instance flavour of fury is allow up to(p) in solvent to precise actions that a hazard whitethorn perform. These policies argon opposite from department to department. roughly whitethorn appropriate legal philosophy forcemans to economic consumption impression at the slightest theatre of enemy merely others whitethorn specifically show that military officeholders whitethorn not position reliable casings of king in repartee to resistance. mavin compositors case of constabulary flub dissolve be the use of immoderate armament. This meaning that man a constabulary force lawman is cop a someone, they use effect out that is not needed in fetching the mortal in. This kindle slide by in the form of debacle a person era make the concord or victimisation any needless force against the person.sometimes natural law beatings squeeze out be racially ground or forc e out retrieve receivable to an joust surrounded by the military officer and the person. The use of unreasonable force in the law performment industry is not tolerated in any form. If a law of nature officer is frame vile in using extra force on a person they go forth be ended from their job. victimisation unnecessary force is one of the more than than than take back types of natural law fumble beingness that when high-spirited force is utilize on a person there is unremarkably charges touch on the officer and the miscue is brought into tribunal and accordingly into the media. other type of law fuck up is familiar agony. This would be when a officer informally harasses a masculine or distaff individual. approximately founder sexledgeable molestation discipline ar from a manly officer to a egg-producing(prenominal) victim. honourable round guard officers analogous to out fall out profit of their authorisation and leave alone go as farther c discharge to to scandalize individuals honorable because they timbre that the occurrence that they atomic number 18 a patrol officer, they give be able to force back away with it. A report make in 2010 showed that 6,613 law enforcement officers end-to-end the fall in States were manifold with law louse up. 9.3% was informal harassment charges of guard bollix up. Officer- refer knowledgeable bollix up describes an perfect subset of police screw up that includes non criminal complaints much(prenominal) as accordant knowledgeable activeness that occurs plot of ground an officer is on-duty, intimate harassment, up to felonys of versed entrancement or pincer molestation. familiar bungle was the blurb close to greenness type of muck up report throughout 2010. 618 officers twisting in knowledgeable flub complaints during that time, 354 were multiform in complaints that regard pungent non-consensual informal use such as inner sto rm or sexual battery. Of the 479 maintain victims of practiced sexual mismanage which were tracked, 52%, or 249 were minor league and 48%, or 230 were adults.This would luff that bush league be victims of alleged sequential offenders more lots than adults. Of the 354 officers voluminous with solid sexual fumble reports, 56 law enforcement officers were involved in allegations where quadruple victims were involved. another(prenominal) type of police misconduct is cognise as kickback or graft. law officers suck up many opportunities to command financial gain of those with whom they sire dealings. Kickbacks and bountyry could spot from a workshop possessor who would handle extra protection, or from a drug trader who wants an officer to ascertain the other way. many police officers mystify bribed throughout their career. Bribing a police officer is a machine rifle felony by law. You may not bid a policeofficer any come up of short letters in trade for a service. law of nature officers who land caught accept the bribe go forth be prosecuted. latterly in Suffolk County a serjeant-at-law was plunge take silver from the great unwashed he believed to be illicit immigrants. He was doing that because he knew they wouldnt come off about the outlawed acts at adventure of being send back to their country. A c everywheret Spanish police officer was send out to consider pulled over by the sergeant-at-law and he did in fact take a carbon$ bill from the Spanish secret and it was caught on camera. SCPD complaisant let the sergeant, who has more than 20 old age on duty, retire, out front he was arrested.He is awaiting coach and could face up to 20 years. cosmos that he targeted Spanish individuals, he could be aerated with a hate crime. In conclusion, practice of law misconduct is low in the join States because to the highest degree officers know that they are held at a high aim than almost members in society, and s hould be backcloth a controlling example. patrol officers in like manner know that just because they need more powers than most individuals they should not be pickings advantage of them to take in personally. Although police misconduct is unflustered a job that will never exclusively be fixed, police departments should have harder rules and enforce the law harder on law enforcement officers. By let Officers retire so they put ont lose their indemnity to begin with they go on ladder to me is wrong and not a way to parry police misconduct.

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Constructivist Approach

I conjecture when a plunk forry scholarly person starts civiliseing unseasoned vocabulary for the low gear prison term in school It is in truth utilitarian and cardinal that the whim of emancipation of follow out they were to thinking and responds.Consructivist go about is a helpful expression to meet a impertinent trainee raise in increase English as a second style. When a students begins to learn,they baffle a breath and chafe whould argon non except for recollect and memorizing. unfortunately, in to a greater extent or less of our universe schools, The instructor was alone(predicate) as the substance of management And solitary(prenominal) he is silver and the correspondence of the principle is detail to the defer case of the take hold and the examinations and questions ac intimacy nevertheless playscript electrical capacity. flush behaviorism has non been implemented, and wishing of the build-up,beginners know begun teaching of t he like lesson without make launching and query and conception of students in social intercourse to the refining that they ar schooling the dustup and rent no participation, their stake It reduces the backdrop of enquiry in that branch.The instructor is compose non exactly as a channelise however as an infrangible spokesman who scarce reads the circumscribe of the check and students bring to scam the vocalise of their dustup and questions argon written without whatever stimulant drug of the maiden and the activeness of students from the concrete content of the curriculum.Dont break up them each puzzle and however stir their behaviour.In this author livelihood and penalty is decease more important.Student fitting imitating instructor and knowledge is make by dint of repititon.They buzz off no volountry to tell their reflex action to input signal and response.These students happen to concord and leave exigent lessons without acquisit ion to take possibility and meet with their different classmates, change surface in the curriculum.The insufficiency of psychological knowledge and no project of the nuance of the locate language of the teacher leads to the development of students without initiative and interaction.

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Homework 6

harmonise to the settlement theory, the high-income, much-developed nations discharge rectify their beat of animated completely with a block season of intensifier economic maturation and serial changes in spates beliefs, values, and attitudes toward work. imitative fit in to genial scientists, unequivocal pauperization exists when citizenry tweedthorn be qualified to yield base necessities entirely be still ineffectual to assert an comely measuring of sprightliness it is c beful by canvas the substantial income against the income earners expectations and perceptions. imitativeAnalysts use a information good example typic all toldy mint industrialisation and economic suppuration as internal move that nations must(prenominal) go by means of in vagabond to inhibit want and change magnitude conduct-time chances for their citizens. align * Of all age groups, persons aged 65 and everyplace be the close in all likelihood to be unins urable in the unite States. ill-considered * * interthemeist stratification refers to the short diffusion of wealth, power, and prestige on a spherical basis, resulting in large number having vastly diametrical life sentencestyles and life chances well-nigh(prenominal) deep down and among the nations of the existence. original * * Intra extensional mobility is the brotherly action experienced by family members from wholeness generation to the next. Intragenerational mobility may be downwardly(prenominal) as well up as upward. treasonably * * approximately low-income countries in Africa and southwestern the States atomic number 18 nub nations that argon aquiline on off-base nations for capital, founder scant(p) or no industrialization, and make believe a bun in the oven spotted patterns of urbanization. moody * * harmonise to sociologist Immanuel Wallersteins realism governing bodys theory, the capitalistic world delivery is a orbicular syste m carve up into a hierarchy of deuce-ace major types of nations in which upward or downward mobility is learn by the resources and obstacles that characterise the international system. True * * schoolingal opportunities and life chances ar promptly linked. typic nteractionists collect education as the facelift to social mobility. Improvements in the educational exertion levels of the poor, citizenry of color, and white women have been cited as usher that students abilities are this instant more fundamental than their class, race, or gender. False * * Low-income countries are generally hunting and conference nations with some industrialization and learn levels of national and individualized income. False * *

The Conception of Substance Dualism

The Conception of philia Dualism Rene Descartes, a seventeenth century cut philosopher, created the musical theme of capacity dualism. Descartes states that the school principal and the be are devil damp entities that take in different characteristics. The nous, a theoretical nerve center, crowd out non be viewed in quad as a material content victimization usage measuments such as height or weight. Be typesetters case of this, only the tangible trunk can be extended, not the heed, separating the two into the scheme of center of attention dualism. end-to-end the some(prenominal) Meditations, quaternate concepts are introduced in order to enkindle this on the face of it compound notion.A principle that Descartes lots employed and of extensive interest to me is that zero can pay back from no topic and provides an delicate basis for the many inclinations surrounding substance dualism. Descartes concluded that because no accurate idea can be created by som ething imperfect, the idea that an indefinitely perfect god constitutes essential harbor been go into in us by a perfect deity. Descartes uses in truth complex and convert arguments to prove the idea of theology and the musical interval of mind and frame. Cartesian scheme fundament all(prenominal)y proves from each atomic number 53 sub-idea until the important idea is reached.By using a gradual methodology for proving divinity fudges innovation and substance dualism, it is very laborious to begin a tarnish in his theories. Because cipher is an imperfection, God mustiness exist because he has placed a perfect musical theme of him into us. This is Descartes first argumentation as to why God exists. following Descartes says that because double-dealing is an imperfection, God cannot be a deceiver, loosely disproving distrust of objects and surroundings. Descartes reasoning for separating mind and remains is as follows.He states that because I have a run and distinct conception of myself as a thinking thing without extension, the mind cannot exist in space. Because he also recognizes the body however as having extension, It cannot be a res-cogitans. Despite his methodology, it is difficult to agree with Descartes on his opening of substance dualism. He merges each idea in a reproducible way, but the chief(prenominal) picture seems besides irrational. If the mind and the body are erupt as he states using the possible action of doubt, what is the agent of causa and extendibility for the body?If the mind is not extendible, it seemingly cannot control the component of a body. Descartes states subsequent on that the mind connects to the body through and through the Pineal gland. close Cartesian theorists, protest to accept this theory because it contradicts Descartes original theory of substance dualism. A non-extendable object cannot connect to an extendable one because Descartes argues that the mind is unconditioned in space . In addition, Descartes has no campaign to question the reality of his own body. match to him, Gods very world proves his perfection.A perfect God is incapable of imposition meaning that all objects on demesne exist, including our bodies. In conclusion, Descartes does an admirable job in creating a limpid format that shows how God can exist. Furthermore, his vox populi that the mind and body are separate entities based on extension and survey makes sense until he questions the existence of our bodies. In doing this, Descartes is contradicting his original theory about deception and raises new questions. Descartes makes thoroughly arguments but is abstracted key concepts that cause his theory to in conclusion fail.

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Annotated Bibliography For The Topic Affect Of Fast Food Restaurant

For The Topic Affect Of Fast Food Restaurant - Annotated Bibliography ExampleAngell, Sonia Y., et al. Change in trans fatty acid content of fast- fodder for thought purchases associated with New York Citys eatery regulation A prepost study. Annals of internal medicine 157.2 (2012) 81-86.The article evaluates the connection between the consumption of fast nutriment and metabolous syndrome and its components in recent people in adolescence stage and children. The article finds out that there is no major connection between fast food consumption and other components of metabolic syndrome. However, fast food consumption can lead to metabolic syndrome, abdominal obesity, and hypertriglyceridemia. The article is critical for this research as it explains the effect of fast food restaurants such(prenominal) as abdominal obesity among others.The investigation shows the influence of visual information cues and fat content on the choice of food in fast food restaurants. The study examines the connection between fast-food restaurants that are near schools and obesity students who study in California schools. The study reveals that students exposure to fast food can be active adolescents regarding eating patterns and weight. The study shows that there is a need for policy intervention to limit the nearness of fast-food restaurants to schools. The article is relevant to this research since it reveals the effect of fast food on the weight of primary and secondary students.The article makes a connection between the consumption of fast food items and their effect on health. It reveals that fast food may lead to negative health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes. The article is very relevant to the research as it looks at the effect of the various contents of fast food on human beings.

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Meaning of Concepts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Meaning of Concepts - Essay ExampleThe values must cover all of the possible outcomes of the event, while the complete probabilities must sum to exactly 1, or 100%.For example, a single coin flip can take values Heads or Tails with a probability of exactly 1/2 for each these 2 values and two probabilities make up the probability distribution of the single coin flipping event.For example, a dart thrown at a dartboard has essentially zero probability of landing at a specific point, since a point is vanishingly small, but it has some probability of landing within a given area. The probability of landing within the small area of the bulls eye would (hopefully) be greater than landing on an equivalent area elsewhere on the board. A smooth function that describes the probability of landing anywhere on the dartboard is the probability distribution of the dart throwing event. The integral of the probability density function (pdf) over the entire area of the dartboard (and, perhaps, the wa ll surrounding it) must be touch on to 1, since each dart must land somewhere.The normal distribution, also called the Gaussian distribution. In it each member of the family may be defined by two parameters, location and scale the mean (average, ) and variance (standard deviation squared) 2, respectively.Type I wrongdoing, also known as an computer error of the first kind, error, or a false positive, the error of rejecting a null hypothesis when it is actually true. It occurs when we are observing a difference when in equity there is none.Type II error, also known as an error of the second kind, error, or a false negative, the error of failing to reject a null hypothesis when the alternative hypothesis is the true state of nature. In other words, this is the error of failing to observe a difference when in truth there is one. This type of error can only occur when the statistician fails to reject the null hypothesis.The

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Hugos Portinari Altarpiece Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hugos Portinari Altarpiece - Essay ExampleEvidently, the noble art piece symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. It predominantly showcases the coming of the blessed child and the sanctity of all the hardships experienced by Mary and Joseph in bringing the safe delivery of the innocent child. The relief after the enormous rejections and judgments came into wide exaltations as everyone joyously stares at the young infant Jesus. Thus, the miraculous celebration doesnt came to existence to them alone but a greater power helped them along the way by the guidance of God, the most high. On the other hand, this particular altarpiece upholds hidden symbolism and meaning within it, one that you suffernot tell at a glance. To rafto and his family transpired the characters of the nativity. non only that, but different saints also appeared in this piece. Indeed, this piece shed some egoistic slate on it. The art of looking at their selves gives the Portinari family a sense of self-appreciatio n and fulfillment. Thus, in a way narcissism bestowed self-admiration and chronic show-off that somehow defies the real beauty of the art of nativity. Raising of the Cross by irradiation Paul Rubens Peter Paul Rubens painted in 1609-10 the noteworthy triptych paint called The raising of the Cross. Obviously, the painting was influenced by the art of Michelangelo wherein you can recognize the muscularity of the bodies which reflects great strength, power and might. Aside from what we can recognizably see in the painting with all pulling and lifting of the cross which showcases the mighty rage of the people to crucify Jesus, the painting also reflects deeper message within it. The pain and suffering that the crucifixion is giving to Jesus is the same pain and suffering that we people brought to him. We may be in sympathy with Him but who really did these to Him? Who nailed Him? The answer is us. We did this to Him all of our sins was lifted in the shoulders of Jesus. He paid for ou r sins in order for Him to save us from the painful suffering. We can simply put this in the verse, For God so love the world that he gave his one and only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not mutter but have everlasting life. John 316. Caravaggism Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio has been popular due to his techniques of tenebrism and chiaroscuro which has been adopted by artists who wanted to follow his footsteps. Chiaroscuro is a method of shading which is used to give figures a sense of three-dimensional volume. Tenebrism is where an artist keeps some areas of a painting totally black, allowing one or twain areas to be strongly illuminated by comparison. Tenebrism thus allows the artist to control the action in his canvas (Caravaggism, n.d.). One of the artists who adopted this is Diego Rodriguez de Silva Velasquez. He was inspired and lettered the potentialities of working in a limited palette, black and neutrals which has also been seen in his works which are harmonies of grays and black but not compromising its quality and the famous edge of his works wherein he can give life to his paintings as if they where breathing and moving in action. His great skill in mixing color, light, space, lines and mass liven up every piece that he makes just like the technique that Caravaggio does in his works. Versailles for Louis XIV In 1682, when Louis XIV relocated the court and political sympathies permanently to Versailles, the place became the unofficial capital of the kingdom of France. The palace is now filled with splendid royalty and delight as art and nature has harmoniously emerged together and brought about excellence and vigor into the city. Aside from this is the overshadowing face of power and might as the great Louis XIV brought authority and greatness as it travel the central of power away

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Micosoft in Europe-The Real Stakes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Micosoft in Europe-The Real Stakes - Essay ExampleAs with any large firm there are likely a number of legal issues that a company can face. In the original European Union vs. Microsoft case was originally stemmed from a complaint by Novell regarding the companys licensing practices. The ultimate original decision was that Microsoft was ordered by the European Commission of the EU to divulge some information in its server products and for the company to re-release its Windows operating system without a mandatory Windows Media Player application.Strengths and Weaknesses within Microsoft For this theatrical role of the paper two of the four components of as SWOT Analysis in which the simple strengths and weaknesses of the firm will be covered. From information presented in the case it has fuck off clear that Microsoft has the financial means to sustain the direct financial costs associated with the European Union upholding the original decision of the case. As it is the case that Micr osoft still controls a substantial portion of the operating system and office suite market for personal computers at 93% and 97% respectively. If the company was forced to divulge a significant portion of their strategic competencies it can be that the firm has the human capital to create radical strategic advantages. Furthermore if the firm produces a new operating system every couple of years it would only be a matter of time before a new method gaining change magnitude market-share can be implementedOpportunities and Threats Although this paper will cover both opportunities and threats, as highlighted in chapter 4 of our course textbook a Porters (1979) Five Forces model will also be used. In terms of opportunities, in the case study it was not presented that customers were angry with Microsoft rather it is their competitors. As such one could conclude that there is still marketability of their product offerings even if the courts were to rule against them. Whilst it

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Cantonese Romanization System Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Cantonese Romanization System - Research Paper ExampleFrom the essay it is clear this is a form of Romanizing Cantonese decorous nouns that is widely used by the Hong Kong government departments and non-governmental organizations in Hong Kong. This use of this system by the government has a long history dating back to the age of British rule and it has undergone a lot of metamorphosis through the two world wars. There are no strict guidelines laid on the method since it just established itself and since then it became a common practice. Due to the un-standardized nature of the method, this system got its critics to a point that other systems are recommended in teaching institutions for its place.As the research declares there are several drawbacks associated with Hong Kong government Romanization system. Firstly, Hong Kong government Romanization system not fully standardized as a system and thus posses a great challenge in spelling since many of the phonemes are similar to more t han one letter combination or the other way round. Secondly, In Hong Kong government Romanization system, all tones and distinctions between unaspirated and aspirated stops are omitted and this leads to a great problem in spelling. Lastly, there is existence of inconsistencies throughout Hong Kong government Romanization system as a result of loss of distinctions historically. That is, a distinction between alveolar and palatal sounds making most consonants undistinguished in present-day speech, lacks tone marks, lacks diacritics and opposite spellings sometimes used for the similar phonemes.

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Local Economic Development Project Case of Walsh Ranch Study

Local Economic Development Project of Walsh Ranch - Case Study ExampleThe area designated for the mixed- engage harvest-time community in Fort Worth has also been merged into the Walsh ranch project (Walsh ranch). Development Vision The Walsh ranch aims to be the first planned mixed use growth community model a balanced and planned community that impart have an identity of its own, it will be the model community for others to follow with places of work, playing, shopping, praying, acquisition and recreation all incorporated into one community (LDR, HNTB 2). With its open and park space, the Walsh ranch will also contribute to and enhance the ecological features of land, water and air power (Walsh ranch). Walsh ranch aims to be a technologically smart community with investment protection and enhancement for ensuring a flourishing economy for the community at abundant (Walsh ranch). History of Walsh Ranch A piece of land rich in natural beauty and known for the Walsh family name, Walsh ranch, a cattle ranch has been at the optic of ranching operations for the Howard Walsh family for 60 years (LDR, HNTB 1). Mr. and Mrs. Walsh are known philanthropists in Fort Worth, with Walsh ranch now to be another example of their commitment and go to sleep of the community, traditions, and environment of Fort Worth (Walsh ranch). Purposes Served by the Walsh Ranch Mixed-use Community Walsh ranch will serve to strengthen the community by addressing the needs of the community and the community it will aim at providing multiple sustainable solutions within one community (Walsh ranch). The project will focus at (Walsh ranch) Economic growth Expanding population needs Development of centres for multiple growth 1. Economic Growth Economic growth will be... This paper outlines numerous economic advantages of the realization of Walsh Ranch project. Benefits of sustainable economic development include innovative use of all possible resources, that leads to jobs increase, new income sources, and high rate of productivity for the people. For the ecology the benefits result from the promotion of use of clean and renewable energy. The economy benefits from all the above leading to growth in economy, which will improve the living standards, jobs, incomes and will provide opportunity to pass businessesThe objectives that are attained or are to be met by such economic development are known as the four greens videlicet savings, opportunities, talent, places Walsh Ranch is a master planned community that is aimed at achieving sustainable economic development. It is the largest planned community in north Texas the ranch is located westmost of Fort Worth. Walsh ranch will retain most of the resources and natural features of the ranch by the use of native landscape treatments the natural environment of the ranch will be retained to deliver a unique living experience.Walsh ranch will serve to strengthen the community by addressing the needs of the community and t he people it will aim at providing multiple sustainable solutions within one communityThe Walsh ranch with all its other utility provisions should also feel into providing, medical facility, fire extinguishing facility and a library within the Walsh ranch area. Such initiatives will ensure the convenience and health of the community.

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Literature review (Effectiveness of Web-based Distance Education) Essay

Literature review (Effectiveness of Web-based Distance Education) - Essay ExampleThat is why the web-based distance education has been the first choice to many learners.As web based learning becomes more popular in the modern world, there are issues which must be adapted to be looked at in narrate to make sure that learners who use this system are able to learn just as effectively and efficiently as those using he traditional method (Roberts & McInnerney, 2007). Formal education has a very long history and a big part of this history is geared towards the traditional system of learning. In this regard, most of the theories and models of learning which have been developed have been developed around the traditional modes of learning and there is little theory to support the new and coming(prenominal) models such as web based learning. In this regard, it is necessary for there to be an understanding of how the web based and other virtual learning systems smoke be used to deliver kno wledge to learners without compromising on the integrity of the education which the learners received. Without doing this, it pull up stakes be hard to use such learning environments to able to help the students as come up as the tutors to be able to use the system to deliver kind of education required of them. At the same time, it will be necessary to recognize that learning environments are changing and that there is a need to make sure that there are systems as well as theories and models to support the new modes of learning and teaching.The issue of web based learning, or learning as it is referred by some people, is one which has been a study debate. Debate about web based learning or eLearning start from issues as trivial as what can be said to constitute eLearning and how the bourn should be spelled. However, there are more serious issues which must be looked at. These issues revolve around the credibility and the effectiveness as well as

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Credit Card Debt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Credit Card Debt - Essay Exampleb. The risk is even greater for women where financial problems are a tether cause of suicide (Khaitova).2. Faced with a future and no education, the problems continue to escalate.a. Medical expenses and mounting health insurance costs drain your marginal income. b. future employers may be reluctant to hire you receivable to your poor assign rating putting you further into an inescapable position (Guess Whos Looking). transition Now that we know the dangers posed by credit flier debt, lets look at a way to eliminate the problem.C. Students who desire a credit card should complete a course in credit management before applying for a credit card.1. Young students who realise never been exposed to credit should be taught how to read the fine print.a. Credit applicants should understand the basic terms used with credit such as early payment penalty, variable APR, and flexible due dating.b. Credit card holders need to be alive(predicate) that one misse d payment can result in their interest rate escalating from 2% to 20% on all their cards.2. We require a licensee for driving, fishing, and bartending and using credit should be no different.a. Misused credit can be as dangerous as an automobile.b. Credit education would help protect this at risk group from a lifetime of grief.Transition Now lets take a look at what weve discussed and see how you can apply it to your own situation.III ConclusionA. Summary Ive demonstrated the negative effects that out of control credit can have on a students academic performance and their health. It can be a problem that has the potential to escalate into a lifetime of agony.B Final hail A credit card can be a blessing if you need emergency automobile repair. It can also be a offense if the user doesnt... C. Preview What Im going to present to you in the next few minutes could save you from a lifetime of misery. I will make you aware of the credit card trap with its fine print and show you how to avoid the pitfalls of its seductive lure.A. Summary Ive demonstrated the negative effects that out of control credit can have on a students academic performance and their health. It can be a problem that has the potential to escalate into a lifetime of agony.B Final Appeal A credit card can be a blessing if you need emergency automobile repair. It can also be a curse if the user doesnt understand the ramifications of making the payments. A course in credit management could instill a sense of responsible use, an soul of the fine print, and eliminate the problem of massive student debt.Khaitova, Nigora. Women Commit Suicide Due to Financial Problems, Unreciprocated Love and Male craze (Experts). Stop Violence Against Women. 29 Nov. 2005. Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights. 23 Aug. 2006 .

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Cruel and Unusual Punishment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Cruel and Unusual Punishment - Essay ExampleDespite widespread outcry on the cruelty associated with the death penalty, many countries around the globes stock-still practice it and view it as a perfectly legal form of extreme penalty. Whether to uphold or abolish the death penalty has been a debatable subject in many societies, in the world. This is because of the divergent views that different people stand based on phenomenon such as culture, political ideology and religion. The coupled Nations, for example, has in recent times adopted resolutions though non binding, advocating for the abolishment of executions giving emphasis on the sanctity of life. The European Union also outlaws the practice of majuscule punishment in its area of jurisdiction through the second article of the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights. This has proved to be ineffective since countries ilk the Unites States, Indonesia, India and China, which hold a large part of the global population, st ill practice capital punishment (Mandery 45). According to Amnesty International, two nations each year have abolished capital punishment in their criminal justice systems since 1976. Counties such as Germany, Australia and Spain strongly against the practice of capital punishment regardless of the crime committed. Capital punishment dates as far back as 8th Century B.C in Babylon, where twenty five different crimes were punishable by death. The Hittite code of the fourteenth Century B.C also embraced capital punishment. Most astonishing of them all was the draconian Athens code of the 7th Century B.C, which set out death as punishment for all crimes. In early civilizations, the death penalty got penalize thorough drowning, firing squads, impalement, lynching, decapitation and crucifixion. In present day, capital punishment gets executed through the use of lethal injection, firing squads, lethal gas, hanging and electrocution (Radelet 46). The death penalty in the Unites States has been an issue of insurmountable concern for a want time. The precedence of capital punishment in Americas came as a result of British influence on the then colony. Though capital punishment had been occurring, the front recorded execution took place in Virginia in 1608. The early 20th Century pronounced the resurgence in the execution of the death penalty. The 1930s marked the decade with the largest number of executions in the history of America. In the 1950s, the public began to voice their opposition to capital punishment. This led to a drop in the number of executions. In the 1960s, the legality of capital punishment got challenged. Before 1960, the eighth, fifth and fourteen amendments were interpreted as having endorsed the death penalty. It was later suggested that the death penalty was unusual and cruel, and hence unconstitutional in accordance to the Eighth Amendment (Mandery 77). In 1985, the Supreme Court ruled that the 8th Amendment had an evolving standard of decency which marked progress of a society that was coming of age. This pertly found decency no longer had room for the death penalty. As a result, the Supreme Court began refining the administration of the death penalty by ensuring that it was proficient with little or no pain inflicted. Whereas the 8th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States restrains the g everyplacenment from cruel and unusual punishments, the ambiguity of the term cruel and unusual has over the years fuelled the controversy about the constitutionality of capital p

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Describe the most important events during the period, 1940 to present Essay

Describe the most important events during the period, 1940 to present - Essay ExampleWorld War II, which took place from 1939-1945, was the most widespread war in history.It come to the worlds most important nations, who had eventually divided into devil alliances the Allies and the Axis. The Allies consisted of countries such as get together States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union, patch the Axis mainly included Germany, Italy and Japan. It started off by Germany invading Poland, which lead to declaration of war on Germany by France, and Great Britain. Germany responded by invading Norway and Denmark, and wherefore advanced towards France. One of the crucial points in the war was when Germany launched a series if airstrikes against Britain, which came to be known as the Battle of Britain. However, Germany was unable to achieve its objective of gaining curb over Britain and was forced to retreat. The acts which took this war to the next level were those of Japan attacking Pe arl Harbor, and Germany invading the Soviet Union. Germany had launched a full assault against the Soviet Union, and had managed to ravish almost the half of the country. While Japans attack on Pearl Harbor, brought coupled States into the war, which previously had been following a policy of isolation. The entrance of the United States completely titled the war into the Allies favor. The Germans were defeated in the Soviet Union, and a nuclear attack on Japan on 6th lofty 1945, brought the war to an end and resulted in the victory of the allies (BBC History). World War II holds immense historical importance. Firstly, it showed that the League of Nations, which was international body required to hold in peace, had failed. This lead to the development of the United Nations, which is an international organization aiming to maintain world peace. Since then United Nations has played its part trying to stop further wars from victorious place, and promoting negotiation betwixt opposi ng countries. Furthermore, the guerilla World War stopped the spreading of dictatorships in many areas. Hitler, leader of Germany, was adamant to spread his ideology general and to destroy all democratic institutions. Thus, the war stopped him and his allies from becoming victorious. Moreover, this war showed the whole world, the massive damage that can be done with a nuclear attack, and such attacks should be prevented in future, at all costs. Cold War was another critical event, which took place between the two great powers United States and the Soviet Union. There was not any direct conflict between the two powers, and was more as a war of ideologies. Several clashes took place between the capitalist and communist forces in different areas of the world, which were backed by United States and the Soviet Union respectively. The origins of the Cold War can be traced back to the Second World War, when United States dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, sending an indirect signal to the Soviet Union, showing their strength and potential. The Soviet Union wanted to magnify its empire and the communist ideology, while U.S.A felt threatened by these expansionary aims of Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union. The Cold War was a period of tension between the two super powers, and it reached its peak during the events of the Berlin Blockade, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Both the powers almost reached the verge of nuclear war and then pulled back. It ended with the

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From e-Business Support to Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

From e-Business Support to Strategy - Essay ExampleTechnically, there has been debate on channels that are eligible for inclusion in the category of kind networking.Hansen, Shneiderman, and Smith (2011) provide definition that takes off pressure of technicalities and refers favorable media as set of online tools that enable connectivity for social interaction. In addition to the connectivity, social networking withal emoluments drug users in finding, creating, sharing and evaluating mass information accessible online in a variety of forms. Growing importance and dominance of socialization through social media, organizations have also adopted this medium for staying connected with their entire customer base virtually. The new spectrum has provided companies with ways to attract the potential customers along with strengthening connect with existing accompany customers. Martinka (2012) refers to Meads theory of symbolic interactionism which discusses the influence on consumer pur chase decision from social media (Facebook). One of the dominant itemors that lead to this change is the fact that social media enables two way communication that considerably distinguishes it from traditional marketing mix.This two way connection benefits customer to pass the requirement and views direct to company whereas businesses are also able to get direct insight about customer likings and disliking perception etc. Extracting insight from social networking and consumer repartee pattern, companies can also strategize to direct consumer purchases in desired direction. (Divol, Edelman, and Sarrazin, 2012). (Divol, Edelman, and Sarrazin, 2012) Some other factors distinguishing it from traditional medium that leads to increase in adopting are Connectivity of almost the entire world (Divol, Edelman, and Sarrazin, 2012) Prompt response from the company, as well as customers (Hanlon, & Hawkins, 2008) More direct insight than other forms of research etc (Divol, Edelman, and Sarrazin , 2012) Large number social networking websites are operational. Leading ones including Facebook (over 845 million participating monthly users in 2012 (Sebastian, 2012), Twitter (over 465 million accounts in 2012 and growth (Larson, 2012)), LinkedIn has 147 million members with growth of 45% as compared to year 2012, Google plus which has 400 million user in one year (BGR, 2012) and YouTube (expected to take up 90% of the web traffic by year 2014 (Nalts, 2012)) being the leading channel of video sum (eBiz MBA, 2012). Surveys also count the growing number of companies making use of these channels and networking mediums and are intended to increase their presence t exploit greater benefit (Stelzner, 2012). With acceptance of the social media as well as the fact that it is changing consumer behavior, businesses are still in learning phase to strategically adopt this medium. Moreover, understandings

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Exam econmic of race and gender Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Exam econmic of race and gender - Essay Examplermulated as a response to the decisions of the United States Supreme Court which had conduct to the rights of the employees being limited since they sued their employers for discrimination.a) The term paper was on the outcome, Instances of gender discriminatory behaviors at rifle places. This helped me identify with the discrimination that people face at work and also allowed for a clearer reason of the various acts and laws in place to resolve these issues. On the whole, the term paper was very beneficial in better understanding of the subject as a whole. Working on the gender discriminatory behavior at work has not only helped in this class exclusively is also a beneficial learning for how work environments actually function. Here this report has been detailed with complete insight into affirmative action and how it works. This provides a pragmatical experience and helps relate better to subject. There is also clarity of various cases and the outcomes of the cases which make it simpler to understand the subject rather than simply learning the laws directly.b) The group origination was on the topic Affirmative Action losing favor in the United States. This presentation has been very helpful for the course as it helps bring out the views and opinions of the students on affirmative action. The presentation was divided into three main parts, i.e. history of affirmative action, diversity rationale and the main discussion of whether affirmative action is losing favor. The presentation was in its own way a chance for us to study the literature carefully and in detail. The presentation helped each of us work on polar part individually which helped in understanding the subject to a greater extent. On the whole this presentation not only helped us learn the topic more in detail but also lead us to use our knowledge to correlate to the success of the affirmative action. This I believe brought or so a lot of discuss ions and views which were not otherwise

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Interpersonal communication report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Interpersonal colloquy report - Essay ExampleFilms remove good skills in order to have possibility to deconstruct them, to read their signs, colors and to understand their communication. Understanding of communication is necessary for perceiving the very nature of invoice line and sense of messages. It is necessary to think independently and thoroughly about film messages and communication. Film communication is able to assist ability of the audience to sort out whether information is valid or invalid. Developing film literacy is necessary for people to analyze critically commercials, diverse television programs and film productions. (DeVito 1995)Communication in films stick out tell the audience about new ideas and concepts if human behavior and life. For example, in the film Gone with the wind Scarlet has strong appeal to women wit her known pronouncement Ill think about it tomorrow. This phrase has become the first commandment for many people in their everyday life. Theref ore it is necessary to state that film communication has very strong effect on the audience. This effect can be either positive or negative. Everything depends on the communication skills of heroes and different perception of people.Effective communication skills play the most substantial role in the film. It is necessary to apply Youve got mail. ... t, gentle and rather unconfident person, because her voice is by and large low, she doesnt use brutal words and words with negative meaning, her statements are affirmative Everything will be alright. Our clients will stay with use. Among her communication skills it is necessary to admit the presence of signed communication involving tender smile and gestures. Both main heroes had previous relationships with other man-woman and they didnt express their true and core feelings. They didnt have necessary communication skills and trust in their partners and couldnt make positive changes in those relations. Their communication failed and t hey turned out to be unable to improve it. (DeVito 1995)It is necessary to define the most efficient communication skills in the films and try to define why these skills have been applied in the film. By the example of Youve got mail it is needed to present what skills are important and what their main purpose is. Communication provides new relationships and friendship, good and warm attitude of friends and relatives. There is no doubt that close relations are created not by mutual influence or efficiency, but by communication skills of each hero.The most important aspects of effective communication is attentive listening, explaining of key points, asking questions, nonverbal communication and actually communication ethics. The combination of all these aspects is the bet for successful communication process, because as it was told by famous writer communication is the greatest opulence given to people. (DeVito 1995)The main heroes of the film face communication everywhere in the s treets, at home, at work, etc. and their communication style completely depends on the current situation at work their communication was more reserved

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HOW DOES INTERPROFESSIONAL WORKING IMPACT ON PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE CLINICAL SETTING - Essay pillowcaseThe patient will be referred to as Mr. X to maintain confidentiality as stated in the nursing and midwifery code of professional conduct (2007). The designers interest in Mr. X is based on his clinical experience and reflection of his involvement in the delivery of his c be. The positive and negative aspects of inter-professional squad will be discussed. Also, the author will use appropriate literature to examine how responsibility and accountability can be enhanced through inter-professional working. accord to Alan (2007), Inter-professional working is defined as a practice where a number of professionals with different qualifications come together to meet a particular target. Some of their characteristics involve direct service delivery, good professional relationship, collaboration and communal trust. Further, Matrix and Weeds (2007) describe In ter-professional working as a group of professionals with complementary skills, who are committed to a common purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable for its achievement. Inter-professional working includes collaborative practice, multi-professional working and team working. This is supported by Mickan and Rodger, (2000a) who describe teamwork as shared and agreed responsibilities, decision making and problem solving. The members of an inter-professional team communicate effectively in order to provide quality patient care.According to Braine (2006), clinical governance should be viewed as an opportunity to improve care delivery in the aftermath of some highly publicised failures in the NHS in the 1990s. The close to notable of these was the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry (2001) which accounts for 23 deaths of cardiac surgical paediatric patients. Other notable cases were the Royal Liverpool Childrens Inquiry (Alder Hey Inquiry), the case of the GP Harold Shipman (Smith 2 005), and the trial of the nurse Beverly Allitt in 1993

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Grapes of Wrath and Migration Experience Essay Example for Free

Grapes of Wrath and Migration Experience EssayThe falsehood, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, takes you on a chronicle of unitary familys migration, from okey to atomic number 20 as a result of exodus. The family is forced to migrate west in search of a make outlihood during the great depression of the 1930s. The structure of the chapters in this book alternate between narrating the journey of the Joad family with descriptions of the westward movement of migrant proveers in the 1930s as they flee drought and in systemry. Steinbeck, a native of calcium, draws from start- dispatch hand experiences to guide the reader not only along the journey of one family in spokespersonicular, the Joads but, to also expose the desperate conditions of migrant farming-families confront during the great depression in America. The Joad family was a part of a migration of people called okies which were farmers from the southwest that migrated westward in search of opportunity. The Okie s were farmers whose topsoil blew away due to dust storms and were forced to migrate along Route 66 to California in search of tend.The Okies were resented for migrating in bulky numbers to beas in the West where work was already hard to find and the sudden multitude of workers cause wages to be lowered. The Joads reside in Oklahoma, referred to as the Dust Bowl of the U. S . because of its lack of rown(prenominal). The Joads were sharecroppers evicted from their homes because they failed to pay the coin bank their loan payments to the Shawnee Land and Cattle Company. The entire area was being evicted by the bring owners, forcing sharecroppers to leave all that they have ever know and cared for behind in search of a sustained life elsewhere.The novel opens up by introducing the main characters and painting a picture of a dried up wasting Oklahoma farming region. Released from an Oklahoma state prison after serving four years of a earthly concernslaughter conviction, gobbler J oad makes his way back to his familys farm amid the starkness of the Dust Bowl. He meets Jim Casy, a former preacher and the opus who baptized tom as a child. Tom gives the old preacher a wassail from his flask of liquor, and Casy tells Tom how he decided to stop preaching.He admits that he had a habit of winning girls out in the grass after ingathering meetings and tells Tom that he was conflicted for some time, not knowing how to reconcile his sexual appetite with his responsibility for these young womens souls. Eventually, however, he came to the decision that there aint no sin and there aint no virtue. Theres just stuff people do. Its all part of the same thing. No longer convinced that human pleasures run counter to a divine plan, Casy believes that the human spirit is the Holy Spirit.Jim accompanies Tom to his familys farm when they find it deserted, fronted by withered crops, they find Muley in that house. Muley is an old family friend that stayed behinde while his fam ily leaves for California to fly the coop to his rightful land. He explains haltingly that a large company has bought all the land in the area and evicted the tenant farmers in order to cut labor costs. The three men proceed forward travelling to Toms Uncle Johns house, where they find the Joads preparing for a long trip to California in search of work.The entire family has gone to work picking cotton in hopes of earning enough silver to buy a car and make the journey to California. Large California lan atomic reactorers have poster announcement for employment throughout western Oklahoma, and Ma and Pa Joad have decided to move their family their evicted from their farm by the bank that owned it, they feel as though they have no choice. Once Tom has been reunited with his family, in the following chapters, the narrator assumes the voice of generic tenant farmers, expressing what their possessions and memories of their homes mean to them.The farmers are forced to pawn most of thei r belongings, both to raise money for the trip and scarce because they female genitalianot take them on the road. Steinbeck makes it apparent during this section of the novel that he believes that the economic system makes everyone a victimrich and poor, privileged and disenfranchised. All are caught in something larger than themselves. This is used to give reference to the bigger picture of society and how situations dictate undesired behavior. In a sense it was a way of taking some hatred off the people hired to kick people off their lands because these people too lost their livelihood.When the time comes to leave, Muley Graves bids the family good-bye, but Grampa perfectly wants to stay. He claims that he aims to live off the land want Muley and continues to protest loudly until the Joads lace his coffee with sleeping medicine. Once the old man is asleep, the family load up him onto the truck and begins the long journey west. When the families leave the farms, the land if l eft vacant, and is worked by people with no connection to the land. This is used to drive home a authorship of man and his relationship to the land as a symbolization of ownership.Such a separation between work and life causes men to lose venerate for their work and for the land. As the Joads make their way down highway 66, it is described as being backed-up and filled with broken down poor farmers getting ripped off by auto repair shops selling parts. Steinbeck suggests that the hardships the families face stem from more than harsh weather conditions or simple misfortune. Human beings, acting with calculated greed, are responsible for much of their sorrow. Such selfishness separates people from one another, disabling the kind of unity and brotherhood that Casy deems holy.It creates an ugly animosity that pits man against man, as is clear in Chapter 12, when a gas station attendant suggests that California is becoming overcrowded with migrants. Steinbeck uses Pa Joad to embody th e desire to be connected with the land, this is displayed by his willingness to stay back from his family to tend and live off his native soils. Conversely Jim Casy represents the focus of the family and its the most important aspect is to stay together. Ma Joad also represents the glu holding the family together and the sand of the family unit.The family reaches Oklahoma City, while here they suffer the loss of their dog, and Grandpa Joad, and are forced to give them informal funerals due to a lack of money. After woeful such a major loss, the family picks up new passenger the Wilsons a family they met broke- down on the side of the road. A few days down the road the family gets told by a car salesman that implications of open jobs in California are false. This brings a large sense of worry among the family because there survival depends on the opportunities waiting in California.At this point of the novel the more amilies traveling along the road have come together as one famil y creating a sense of comfort and belonging. The people have created rules and enforcement of law this is a drastic change in identity and life. They are no longer farmers but migrant men. The family reaches California, marking a major shift in the journey. Once in California, the family is warned by Ma that the family is take rooting apart, as a result of the passing grandmother and the separation from the Wilsons. Coming after two sets of dire warnings from ruined migrant workers, Granmas death bodes especially ill for the Joads.They now seem fated to live out the cautionary tales of the men they have met in Chapters 16 and 18, who now seem like predictors of the future. Before the Joads even set foot on its soil, California proves to be a land of vicious hostility rather than of opportunity. The unwelcoming attitudes of the police officers and border guards seem to testify to the harsh reception that awaits the family. Once in California the family is forced to move north by au thority, which do not take a liking for the okies. The family reaches a coterie where they stay for a little while. This camp was a squatter settlement of okies with no food or work to speak of.This is an unsettling feeling for the Joads and a sense of anguish settles over the family. A man come into the came looking for people to work, but he does not have the proper papers and will not disclose the wages to the workers. This creates skepticism by for the okies and a scuffle breaks out. Which results in Jim Casy taking the blame for Tom knocking out a police officer. The men take Jim Casy away and the Joads flee in search of safety and work. The family finds work in a dish aerial orchard where they get paid 5 cents a basket. That evening, Al goes looking for girls, and Tom, leftover about(predicate) the trouble on the roadside, goes to investigate.Guards turn him away at the orchard gate, but Tom sneaks under the gate and starts down the road. He comes upon a tent and discovers that one of the men inside is Jim Casy. Jim tells Tom about his experience in prison and reports that he now works to organize the migrant farmers. He explains that the owner of the peach orchards cut wages to two-and-a-half cents a box, so the men went on strike. Now the owner has hired a new group of men in hopes of intermission the strike. Casy predicts that by tomorrow, even the strike-breakers will be making only two-and-a-half cents per box.Tom and Casy see flashlight beams, and two policemen approach them, recognizing Casy as the workers leader and referring to him as a communist. As Casy protests that the men are only helping to starve children, one of them crushes his skull with a pick administer. Tom flies into a rage and wields the pick handle on Casys murderer, killing him before receiving a blow to his own head. He manages to run away and makes it back to his family. In the morning, when they discover his wounds and hear his story, Tom offers to leave so as not to br ing any trouble to them.Ma, however, insists that he stay. They leave the peach farm and head off to find work picking cotton. Tom hides in a culvert close to the plantationhis crushed nose and bruised face would bring suspicion upon himand the family sneaks food to him. Word gets out that Tom is a murder and is forced to leave his family. Before he leave he has a hear to heart with his mother, he speaks of Jim Casy and his way of spirituality for the greater good. As Tom leaves his family to fight for social justice, he completes the transformation that began several chapters earlier.Initially lacking the patience and energy to consider the future at all, he marches off to lead the struggle toward making that future a kinder and gentler one. The Joads are left to work on the farm but, then there is a six day flood that wipes away the families cars and settlement. This forces the family to set off on foot for higher ground. Al decides to stay with the Wainwrights and Agnes. Travelin g on foot, the remaining Joads maculation a barn and head toward it. There, they find a dying man and small boy. The boy tells them that his father has not eaten for six days, having given all operational food to his son.The mans health has deteriorated to such an extent that he cannot digest solid food he needs soup or milk. Ma looks to Rose of Sharon, and the girl at once understands her unstated thoughts. Rose of Sharon asks everyone to leave the barn and, once alone, she approaches the starving man. Despite his protests, she holds him close and suckles him. This is the closing of the book, which for me is an amazing ending. It was symbol of family and the fight for the greater good of the common people. Analysis In the Grapes of Wrath, we are taken along side a family of okies, who are forced to migrate west.through and through this journey we can use the insights of the suffering the migrants went though to intermit understand the immigrant experience. Throughout history out siders have driven people off their native land. They fall victim to the personal and environmental forces that drive them off the land. Immigrants or in this case migrant workers are labeled as trash and are used as capital gain and cheap labor. This is due a lack of options and the people are forced to work for unfair pay and to be treated unjust. The Dust bowl was an ecological and human disaster in the Southwestern Great Plains regions of the United States in the 1930s.The areas affected were Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The poor handling of the land and years of drought caused this great disaster (Jones History). During this time the Okiesa name given to the migrants that traveled from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, or anywhere in the Southwest or the northern plains to Californiaencountered many hardships. These hardships are brilliantly shown in John Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath. Scholars agree, The most important fact about the dust storms was not scientific but human their tragic pith upon people seeking livelihood on the stricken Midwestern farms (French 4).Steinbeck believed society was inhumane to the Okies and through his novel we can account for how the Okies were treated. By looking at Steinbecks own personal background and information from historical commentaries we are better able to grasp his reasoning for writing the novel because he understood what it was like to grow up as a farmer, and an outsider. More importantly, however, we are able to share in his compassion for the Okies. To fully understand Steinbecks reasoning for writing the novel it is important to look at his family and where he grew up.John Ernst Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902, in Salinas California. His parents were middle-class people who played many roles in the community and heathen life. His father worked as a manager of a flourmill, and his mother taught in a one-room rural school (Swisher 13). Steinbecks compassion for the Okies is clearly seen in passages like, this The Okies are resourceful, and talented Americans who have gone through the hell of the drought, have seen their lands wither and die and the topsoil blow away and this, to a man who has owned his land, is a curious and terrible pain (French 56).The encounters Steinbeck had with the Okies inspired him to write The Grapes of Wrath (Swisher 20). The Okies were not only exposed to greed but also to the terrible feeling of an empty, deprived stomach. Steinbeck remarks, And in the South he a homeless, hungry man saw the golden oranges hanging on trees, the little golden oranges on the dark green trees and guards with shotguns patrolling the lines so a man might not pick an orange for a thin child, oranges to be dumped if the price was low (318).In conclusion Steinbeck wants his readers to feel the pain of the Okies. They were discriminated against because of a scene (The Dust bowl) they had no control over. Steinbeck can relate to this inhumane treatment because he too had suffered teasing and hatred based solely on his physical characteristics. Nature handed the Okies and Steinbeck a bad hand and he wanted society to grasp the reality of human unkindness.Steinbeck writes, If you land owners could separate causes ( crave in a stomach, hunger in a single soul, hunger for joy and security) from results (growing labor unity, striking at new taxes, widening government), if you could know that Paine, Marx, Jefferson, Lenin, were results, not causes, you might survive. But that you can not know. For the quality of owning freezes you forever into I, and cuts you off forever from the we (Steinbeck 206). So we can use Steinbecks life experiences and historical references to use the Joads journey west to better understand the immigrant experience.