Monday, July 29, 2019

Human Resources- Relationships in the workplace Research Paper

Human Resources- Relationships in the workplace - Research Paper Example Companies have been attempting to establish clear, well-understood policies to minimize the potential for danger – both for the employees and the organization. However the role of the HR in an organization remains controversial as far as dealing with workplace dating and relationships is concerned. Gautier has explored the reasons for workplace romance and found that theories of attraction play a vital role. Social psychology also points out a strong link between proximity, familiarity and attraction. Because of close and frequent interpersonal interaction they are prone to develop relationships. People with similar beliefs, attitudes, education and background are also more likely to be attracted to each other. They have similar traits and goals; share each other’s excitement and frustrations, and celebrations (Loftus, 1995). At the same time, organizational attitude, culture and beliefs play a role in how the companies conceptualize, tolerate and manage workplace romance. The role of HR in workplace relationships is debatable. When Wal-Mart terminated the services of two of its workers who were dating, it was found that the supervisor used an out-of-date policy manual to justify their termination (Losey, 1993). A survey revealed that more than 70 percent organizations permit and accept workplace dating as most were of the opinion that the organization has no right to interfere in the dating between coworkers (Losey, 1993). However, when dating involves an employee dating a boss, or the upper management or the manager dating a subordinate, it has been found to be unacceptable (Gautier, 2007). Only if a supervisor dates a subordinate, can the organizations interfere and this has become important because of some well-known sexual harassment court battles (Jenner, 1993). There have been instances when an employee had voluntary--but not

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