Thursday, July 25, 2019

Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Managment - Essay Example ow they can develop different strengths financially, continue to have their footprint in the economy, powerful CEO leadership that is innovative that continues to build a powerful market with consumers, shareholders, and their own employees. There are some organizational challenges that do come along with ensuring that Candlelight is competitive, builds employee morale, continues to grow, with effective leadership and marketing strategies, and other changes that can be will allow them to have an improved public image. In the past, talent acquisition, engagement, and retention has been implemented in a decentralized and unpredictable method from the divisions throughout their business, and it has been defined as frail and inadequately controlled. Management has come together to strategize the three talents they wish to carry down to each and every employee that works within the company by offering their first method they defined as â€Å"Develop Talent† as a requirement. The company’s CEO and associates have met more often to agree that applying an array of development activities to every person individually instead of to an entire team of workers, and supervisors feel that this approach will allow one on one interaction from the managers to their employees. Furthermore, the manager of that department will learn personal and professional needs and opinions of every person, and they both can discuss succession planning, involve other supervisor input if that manager feels he or she needs the assistance, and also ask the employee directly their own goals and what they want as a career at Candlelight. Engaging talent is the second strategy management has agreed upon because they feel that the success of the company starts within beginning with the actual workers, and that if the workers are not recognized, feel they cannot communicate and have open door policies, and address their concerns they will feel hopeless and like a number instead of somebody. Supervisors

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