Friday, July 26, 2019

Politics and Human Rights Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Politics and Human Rights - Assignment Example Such implications include factors disruption in the way of life of individuals and the societies from which such individuals come. For instance, the various kinds of drought, which are associated with this form of climate change, caused the disintegration of the civilization process in north Mesopotamia during the third millennium (National Research Council, 2002, p6). With the rate at which climate change is taking place, these is more need to worry about tomorrow if the society is to avoid further consequences of the problem (Cities Alliance, 2009, p 1). According to Paul Gilding (2011, p24), , the possibilities of the temperatures rising and falling in the coming centuries are inevitable. In his book â€Å"The great disruption: How the climate crisis will transform the global economy† Gilding indicates that in the midcentury, temperatures, at the global level, will temporarily rise above more than one degree centigrade. He additionally explains that, the temperature will further drop below plus one degree centigrade sometime, close to the end of this century. According to the author, the sea level will consequently rise by an approximate of half a meter and continues rising all through the years that follow the century. Noteworthy is the fact that, Significant climatic change will be noticed with every century that possess by. The need for security in the ever changing society is obvious and security in the form of water and food even more important. The rate at which the world population is increasing is however so alarming. This is due to the possible insecurities that such increase in populations comes with. The ever-changing climatic conditions and the global warming factor also makes no matter easy in the already insecure world. The interconnection between crises in the aspects of food, water, and energy and the climatic condition, in the quickly warming

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