Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Time and Happiness Essay Example for Free

Time and Happiness Essay Good morning everyone. The topic I have chosen is WHAT IS HAPPINESS. Nowadays, many people think money can buy happiness so that they will work over ten hours to earn more money. They think that if we are rich then, we can do anything such as buy a fat dog, a big house, a grand car or many luxurious things LV bag, DOIR shoe and so on. It cannot be denied that material life is happiness because you can buy the things you want but I think material life can only give me happiness for a short period of time which is external happiness. I think cultural life can give you a long term happiness and this is happiness from heart. There are three simple ways of gaining happiness that I would like to mention about. First of all, good relationship with friends and family are the main points to become happiness. The reason is I can get more love and sense of care from them . When I feel unhappy or I am in a problem, they are the ones who help me solve the problem and give me support all the time. Although they have never tried to make me happy by buying me some expensive things such as i-phone, i-pad, I can never doubt in their support and love for me†¦and that feeling is what makes me happy. Therefore, I love my family and friends and I am very proud to say that I have a very good relationship with them. The next point that I want to focus on is my dream because self-realization can let me gain pursuit of eternal value. I have some small goals as well as some big, I will never let go of these dreams that I have been dreaming of.. In spite of all the difficulties that I will have to face during this phase, I will try my best to enjoy them and tackle them because these steps can let me know and learn how to be mature and independent. Therefore, the pursuit of eternal value will be eternal happiness. The last thing that gives me happiness is helping the needy people. The reason is I can get more meaningful and wonderful time in my busy life. Undeniably, volunteer can not earn money or waste time but I do not think so. When I help the needy people, I will earn more naive and satisfaction in their possession. And I think, for me this is happiness†¦Getting to help others and doing some good deeds To conclude, good relationship of friendship and family, achieving my dream and helping others are the main three points that gives me the exact meaning of happiness. These things not only give me a long term happiness , but also gives me the satisfaction and the feeling of happiness from heart. You see, these are not the material things. I can say the simple cultural life is happiness in my heart because I know ‘Happy is he who is content’. I hope that you can find the right meaning of happiness in Your Life. Thank You!

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